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World AIDS Day 2011: Are There Any Good News Stories?

The theme of today’s World AIDS Day is ‘Getting to Zero’ (zero new infections; zero discrimination; zero AIDS-related deaths)’. While we all know that the statistics are devastating and sad, and that we are a long way from zero, we are slowly winning the fight against HIV/AIDS. I tried to hunt down some good news stories.

Here is a sample:

Masai Cricket Warriors integrate HIV/AIDS awareness into their coaching.

Sisters in science research an AIDS vaccine (see page 14)

UNAIDS report for 2011 showed fewer infections, fewer people dying of AIDS-related diseases, more people living with HIV/AIDS.

ARVs are getting cheaper, so that governments like South Africa’s can scale up their treatment campaigns.

Is the HIV/AIDS pandemic at the tipping point?

Longevity studies show that people with HIV/AIDS on courses of ARVs can live almost as long as people without HIV/AIDS.

South Africa launches an AIDS treatment plan that aims to raise the number of people on treatment from one to three million.

Play the Avert HIV/AIDS Challenge and find out how much you know about the virus. Let me know if you guessed the question about North America correctly or not – that one was a surprise.

Read my review of a beautiful book, The Gifts of the Body, about a home-care worker who visits and treats people with AIDS. This is the best story about AIDS that I have ever read. I first posted it for World AIDS Day 2008, but I am reposting it in honour of the millions of carers who work tirelessly with people with AIDS to make their lives better – the grandmothers whose children have died and who now find themselves parents to a second generation, the community workers, the children who nurse their dying parents. These are the unsung heroes of HIV/AIDS and I want to recognise them.

In order to do so, I have been collecting donations at work and today we will give €450 to Noah’s Orphans, a community organisation which cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in my home province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

AIDS Day posts from around the world:

Johns Hopkins University, USA ‘We are all unprotected’

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BBC World Service Trust, India Being the face of HIV in India

Age UK, HIV and older people

Reluctant Mom, South Africa Talking to your kids about HIV/AIDS

If you have a post in honour of World AIDS Day, let me know and I will link to it here.