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OK, So, Twitter

I always knew that the Twitter moment would arrive, but, judging by my blogging/Facebook/online Scrabble addictions, I always thought it would be healthy to postpone it for as long as possible. Do I really need to have a Tweetdeck to obsess over? A whole lot of really interesting people to follow?

It seems the moment may have arrived. I’ve just finished reading The Year of the Flood, the second in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian trilogy and it is, of course, brilliant and exquisitely scary. I woke up at four this morning to finish it, listened to my dark house groan and had delicious shivers of fear. This morning, in the sunlight, I am both pleased and sad that I’ve finished it. Anyway, according to MaAt’s Twitter stream, she’s already working on book three. This is stuff I need to know!

So my Twitter questions are:

1. Do you tweet?

2. Is it worth it?

3. Have you used it for publicity and did that work?

4. Who are your favourite Twitterers and why?

Any and all comments much appreciated.