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Pictures for Women’s Day, 8 March 2012

I’ve written words about International Women’s Day here and here.

This time, I made a mood board on Pinterest instead. I looked for images that didn’t include:

  • nakedness
  • waifs
  • nubile women
  • women laughing alone with salad
  • women missing their mouths while drinking water
  • women as backdrop to a product
  • hardbodied women
  • women sweating while wearing small amounts of clothing
  • women as body parts
  • women in duets of romance with men
  • women in wedding dresses

Instead I tried to look for

  • happy women
  • colourful women
  • women in groups of friends
  • women in art
  • women in literature
  • women in music
  • inspiring photos of women
  • women who fought for us
  • bold words about being a woman
  • women from all over the world
  • women from long ago

And here is my Pinterest board to celebrate International Women’s Day 2012: Women

Hope you enjoy it.


Hello January!

Hallo January! Gosh, you’ve been a frisky little month, haven’t you? But I quite prefer you to December, which I am trying to extinguish permanently from my memory. December was flabby and exhausted, and quite, quite grumpy. Smelly also. But we won’t go there. We don’t need to remember it. January, on the other hand, you are fresh and full of promise. You are green. You are fragrant and exciting. You contain possibilities – potential new jobs, potential book deals, potential trips to faraway places that contain sun, beaches and disgustingly alcoholic cocktails. Your tail is twitching with the thrill of the new. And there is nothing I like more than new.

Here are some of the new things that January has brought me thus far:

1. A new handbag. A luscious, velvety object in peacock-feather blue.

2. A trip alone on a train.

3. A night alone in a hotel.

4. A walk around Munich on my own.

5. A large pile of non-fiction reading.*

6. Zumba – going tomorrow, will report back.

7. Pinterest – oh, the allure of this spectacular time-sucker. It is a revolting amount of fun. If you are a pinner, let me know and I will follow you.

8. Having a long-lost cousin from New Zealand find me on the Internet. Hello Amanda! *waves*

Have you done anything new this month?

* The Emperor of All Maladies, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Reading Women, soon to start the Charles Dickens biography.