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Friends of the Blog Publish, or, Your Summer Reading Sorted

Three friends of the blog have recently published novels and I want to point you to them.

Pierre van Rooyen is in fact an IRL friend, but he counts as a friend of the blog as he has been known to turn up here and comment at length. His novel, Saturdays are Gold, was published last year as an ebook by Endaxi Press. It has just been published in print by South Africa’s Jacana Press with an ace cover, literally one of the best I have seen in a long time. And I can happily attest that the contents are even better than the cover. It’s a smashing read, full of murder, sorcery, snakes and two children whom you want to adopt, take home and feed.

Nicola Doherty is a true friend of the blog. We met in cyberspace, when she was still an editor. I followed her journey on her blog as she resigned from work to write fulltime – a good decision, as it turns out, as her novel The Out of Office Girl will be published by Headline next month. It’s a fun romantic comedy about a downtrodden editor who loses the plot when she works on a film star’s book. Nicola says it is only demi-semi-autobiographical. I got to read a preview copy of The Out of Office Girl a couple of months ago and I couldn’t put it down. I loved the insights into the publishing world and Alice’s desperate attempts to get the damn book finished. It’s a light and lovely read. Link to the Amazon page here.

Rosy Thornton is not a blogger, but she does visit here occasionally. We ‘met’ on Litopia, an online writers’ forum which serves as a combined water cooler and creative writing master’s degree for writers around the world. Rosy is the author of five novels, all of which I have read and all of which are very different. She is hard to pin down into any particular genre, but her website says she writes contemporary fiction. Rosy’s latest novel is Ninepins, a brooding novel set in the Cambridgeshire Fens, where landscape and action are inexorably linked. I picked it up when I was struggling to get through another novel, and was immediately swept up into the world of Laura, a single mother in the acutely difficult balancing act of trying to hold onto her twelve-year-old daughter and trusting her enough to start letting her go. I have spent time in the Fens, and Rosy renders them beautifully. Here is a guest post by Rosy on the drama of the Fens and how landscape meets theme in her novel.

Now you have your summer reading all lined up.

Homework assignment: read them all and come back to tell me what you think.