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This old granny blog is about to hit 300,000 views thanks to you, my lovely readers. In addition, I also have to thank the person who searches on ‘charlotte lurken’ for their visits and the people who really really want to know about ‘young women with grey hair’ for theirs. Mr ‘Is it cheap to love in Germany?’ deserves a special mention, and an answer: no, it isn’t, my dear. Love in Germany does not come cheap.

Anyway! To celebrate this milestone in the life of Charlotte’s Web, I’m announcing a competition. But you have to read through the whole post to find out what it is.

I have a lovely new pile of books awaiting reading. First off is fellow Litopian Sally Zigmond’s Hope Against Hope. Described as ‘a rich slice of Yorkshire Victoriana’, Hope Against Hope is the story of sisters May and Carrie who are driven apart by misunderstanding, pride and a mutual sense of betrayal and resentment. One Amazon reviewer said it is ‘one of those books where both the characters and the settings are strongly written and hugely memorable. It would appeal to anyone who likes historical fiction – it’s a half-way house between literary historical and family saga.’ I’m halfway in and loving it.

Next on the pile is a book by another Litopian: The De Lacey Inheritance by Elizabeth Ashworth. Elizabeth is a historian whose first three books focus on the history of Lancashire and this is her first novel. It is apparently a ‘tale of loves lost and found during the exile of Richard the Lionheart.’ Dying to dive in.

I also have a couple of Man Booker Prize contenders to read: C by Tom McCarthy (according to my most well-read friend, the most literary of this year’s short-list) and The Long Song by Andrea Levy. Looking forward to those.

The last two books on my TBR pile are new books by old favourites: Sex and Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido and Private Life by Jane Smiley. I feel a glow of warmth each time I see these on my bookshelf, just knowing the pleasure that awaits me within their pages.

And now to the competition part …

You can win one of these celebratory, 300,000-visit milestone books. Tell me in the comments which of these six books you most want to read and why. I’ll draw a winner in a couple of days and post you the book after I’ve read it, when it becomes yours for evermore.

Thanks for reading and for being part of my blogging journey. It means the world to me.


And the Winner is ….

Litlove, with 35% of the votes, as decided by the voting public! Litlove, since you are not a chocolate eater, you get first choice of any of the books reviewed or mentioned in my last post. Dad Who Writes, who is runner-up with 30%, may decide if he wants German confectionary or a book from the last post. Leave a note for me in the comments or contact me via email. Well done to both of you!

Seeing we’re housekeeping, I’d like to mention that my beautiful new website just garnered me my first work and I have spent the weekend copy-editing a book that is about to go to print. I’ll link when it’s live. I’m also going to link to some magazine articles I’ve just written for EMBOencounters.

That’s all, folks. Have a splendid Monday.


Big Bad Bloggers’ Competition – The Poll

I disappeared there, under the weight of chocolate and some great new books. Last night I finished The Loss Adjustor by Aifric Campbell and today I’m having Eleanor Catten’s The Rehearsal along with my Easter eggs. Reviews to follow, as promised in my blog relaunch. There’ll be no more lazy blogging around here.

I’ve selected my top five responses to the Big Bad Bloggers’ Competition and now you get to choose the winner, who will be the recipient of either a box of German Easter goodness, or a book. The respondees had to define their blogs in six words.

Here they are. You pick:

And let no-one say it’s not democratic around here.