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Damning Statements from Children #2

Daughter: Mummy, have you eaten sugar today? You seem to be really grumpy.

Mummy (ahem): Well, now that you mention it, I had three chocolates.

Daughter: You are being extremely grumpy, you know.

Mummy: Thanks for pointing that out, darling. I’ll try to be better in future.


Damning Statements from Children #1

Daughter: Mummy, why, when there are so many books in the world, is it so hard to write one?

Mummy: *gasping* Well, darling, I don’t have much time to write because I have to look after all of you. Some writers are lucky enough to have 10 hours a day to write. Also, I want my book to be good, so I keep going over it to improve it. And the market is tough nowadays, and I can’t send out something half-written. It has to be as polished and good and well-written as possible.

Daughter: Hmm. Think I’ll play the piano now.