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Who Are You Calling A Princess?

Daisy’s sixth birthday is three months away, but she is in the stages of advanced planning. We are talking about the party, the guest list, the cake (chocolate with Smarties) and the presents. Following an intensive workshop with her sister, she presented me with this list of potential gifts:

A Sleeping Beauty crown

A butterfly dressing-up dress

A Barbie Cinderella

A dress of Aneka

A new bike and a new helmet

(At this point, Lily’s hand got sore, so she handed over to a grown-up, K, who could write quicker)

A hairband with shells on

A necklace – purple and pink

Some more pretend wings – not broken

A dress with pictures of shells on

A clip with a rose

A crown with a star twinkling on top

A Swan Lake crown

Some Princess and the Pauper shoes

A Barbie Swan Lake dress

A sparkly dress with the moon and the stars on it

A Disney ball

A bracelet

A watch

A new crayon

A Sleeping Beauty book

A Snow White DVD

A Snow White dress

This is a girl who knows what she wants. Most likely, she’ll be getting a new bike and a new helmet. The budget might also stretch to a new crayon.