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If Money Were No Object

Germany’s Top Husband will attest that I am no high-maintenance Frau. He recently rather sweetly told me that I am his trophy wife because of my brain. And it’s true, I don’t spend money on self-maintenance. I go the hairdresser twice a year, I still have the same rouge I bought when my son was born, my make-up bag consists of six items, I don’t have manicures and facials, and I am happiest in jeans.

However, if money were no object, there are certain luxuries I would allow myself to enjoy.

1. I’d have a stylist do my hair every morning to look like Hilary’s:

2. I’d have the fairies put fresh white bed linen on my bed every day …

3. … and fresh flowers in every room.

4. I’d have a wardrobe full of Levis demi-curve skinny boot cut jeans:

5. And I’d live in a house surrounded by books:

Oh, but I already have that one.

And I have fresh flowers in one room. I have white linen on my bed. I have one pair of Levi’s demi-curve skinny boot cut jeans.

The only thing that’s actually missing in my life is the stylist.

GTH? … Do you know how to use a hairdryer?

[Boy, that man can run fast.]