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Three Things I Love About Work

So I’m back in full time work for the first time this century, and I am loving it. Here are some of the things that are particularly good about it:

1. The salary. The way it lands miraculously in my bank account all by itself, with my having to decode mysterious invoicing procedures and eke it along through opaque processes known only to one person in Switzerland, is lovely.

2. The finite nature of tasks. I do something, submit it to the relevant person who makes changes or not and then it is complete, giving me a warm glow of achievement. Unlike the laundry or the dishwasher, which coil outwards in unforgiving spirals of repetitiveness, giving me the feeling that I need to go and lie down.

3. The craic. Here are two examples:

Charlotte: Sneeze.

Colleague: Bless you.

Charlotte: Sneeze.

Colleague: Bless you.

Charlotte: Sneeze!

Colleague: Bless you for the whole day.

Or this one:

Colleague A: My dream holiday would be a food tour of India, trying all the different regional specialities and tasting everything.

Colleague B: You mean a gastric tour.


In other news, it is Women’s Day in South Africa on Tuesday and the revolution is far from over. There is work to be done, sisters and brothers!