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Jumping On the Podwagon

Never let it be said that Charlotte’s Web is not an early adopter. BlogLily has done it. So has Ms Make Tea Not War. Last night, Litlove published hers. Thoroughly inspired by my fabulous blogging and podcasting friends, I’ve made my first podcast too. Beware, there could be more!

You can hear it here

or here:


Please feel free to comment on the sound quality. I used the inbuilt microphone on my Mac and I’m not sure if it’s adequate. Any other comments also gratefully accepted!


In Which I Cast the Pod

(Alternative title: I Have the Face for Radio)

A couple of Saturdays ago, when my husband and I were fighting the good fight with our tax return, our friend JP provided some light relief by calling me up and wanting to talk about blogging, writing and other issues. I left my valiant husband battling the piles of paper and went off to do a podcast, which was really much more fun.

If you want to have a listen, you’ll find it here.

It’s not great hearing yourself speak, but a couple of things I noticed were:

  • I sound tired and JP sounds perky. It was 10.30pm in Germany and much, much earlier in the Midwest of the US of A.
  • After 10 years away, I still sound like a lekker Sarf Efrican.
  • I say “fantastic” far too often.