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The Aging Meme

This one came from Emily, but was invented by Zoesmom. With only 80-odd days to go until my 40th birthday (yes, I’ve counted), it seems kind of appropriate.

Just fill in the blanks:

At a certain age women should stop pleasing others and start pleasing themselves.

At a certain age men should stop pleasing themselves and start pleasing others.

When I was a kid I thought I would write lots of novels and live a fascinating international life.

Now that I am older I wish I had been more selfish about carving out my writing time.

You know you are too old to party when crowds of people you don’t know bore you/freak you out/make you want to go home and pick your toenails.

When I was in high school I listened to the music of Madness, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, B-52s and Talking Heads

Now I listen to the music of whatever my husband or kids are listening to, including Mafikizolo, The View, Kaiser Chiefs, Beautiful Me and Beautiful Creatures.

On my last birthday I was spoilt rotten.

On my next birthday I want to party like it’s 1999 …

The best birthday present I ever got was the one I’m about to have – my trip to New York!!

The first time I felt grown-up was when I worked my summer vacation on the local newspaper at the age of 18.

The last time I felt like a kid was the last time I got on my bike.

Last year was a very long time ago.

Next year will be an awfully big adventure.

I would love to tag people, but for fear of insulting anyone, I won’t. However, if you want to share your wisdom and experience, please play along.


Things Left Unsaid

I’m shamelessly lifting this idea from Ms Bleeding Espresso (she lives in Italy and bleeds coffee!). It is a list of 15 things I haven’t said over the years to various people, for fear of hurting them or making them angry, but also out of embarrassment, shame or shyness.

Here is my list of things – thus far – left unsaid:

1. You were a shining light of talent and beauty; it still breaks my heart that drugs took you.

2. Of all the people I know in the world, no-one deserves a loving relationship more than you.

3. I wish you would stop yo-yo dieting – accept your beautiful body and get on with it.

4. You were a lovely, funny, delightful friend and I wish you weren’t lost to us. Oh, and I still have your book.

5. I am sorry for the situation you are in, but it is of your own making: if you try to control people, they run away.

6. You are a boring narcissist – go away and come back only when you are prepared to show genuine interest in other people.

7. Being infantile is not attractive in an adult: grow up. Also, you are not as wise as you like to think you are.

8. You need to show love in your actions – mild protestations are not enough. Right now, I’m not sure I believe you.

9. Taking anti-depressants will never remove your pain completely – you need to ask my forgiveness for the hurt you caused and then you might start to feel a little better.

10. Thanks for giving me the experience of loving a jerk early in life – it helped me learn what to avoid.

11. I think you have forgiven me, but I am still sorry for that bad thing I did to you long, long ago – it was cruel, under-hand and selfish of me.

12. Living with you is the great joy of my life.

13. Stop living in fear! Have the courage to be your authentic self, and make the demands that you require.

14. Please stop babbling at me in dialect. I don’t understand you and I don’t want to.

15. Being engaged is not the same as being married. Get married already.

That was cathartic! I can recommend it. If you decide to lighten your own emotional load, please let me know in the comments.