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10 Things I Have Learned


So long since my last listicle. Here’s one, on things I have learned:

1. The difference between react and respond. React is fast and emotional and (if written in e-mail form, at work, after a long hard stressful day) can earn you enemies. Respond is considered and thoughtful. Our power lies in choosing to respond not react.

2. I never, ever, ever, want to go on a cruise. The thought of being trapped in a floating village with 2,000 other people that I have not personally selected to join me on holiday strikes dread.


3. New Year’s Eve parties are mini-cruises: being trapped at a party that you can’t leave until a certain time, where you have to kiss people you don’t know/like while drunken adults manage fireworks in close proximity to small children is a horror.

4. Clearly, the concept of feeling trapped is an issue for me.

5. I came back from South Africa recently with the feeling that the way I live is extremely sheltered. Then the Germanwings tragedy happened and I realised that bad things happen everywhere. We have to live each day as well as we can and keeping loving our people.

6. Easter eggs bought well in advance of their due date will only be eaten.

7. Parenting is a long, slow, painful journey of learning to let go.

8. Nothing motivates the workforce more than chip day at the canteen. Especially if it falls serendipitously on chocolate pudding day.

9. Loyalty is becoming one of my favorite characteristics – in a spouse, in a friend, in a colleague. Forget charm or wit. Loyalty is hot.

10. Avoiding writing is equally painful as just doing it.

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6 thoughts on “10 Things I Have Learned

  1. Love this, Charlotte! I think pretty much all of them feature highly on my own philosophical agenda!

  2. Good listicle. I should get a tattoo of that first one. Not that the other nine aren’t good, but if we all followed the respond rather than react, life would be so much smoother

  3. Number 8 is really for insiders — and I concur! Wishing you a Happy Easter my friend.

  4. I’m with you on loyalty, Charlotte. It’s a winner. And I agree: the pain of not writing is far worse than the agony of doing it.

  5. Two, three and ten – applause! Why does anyone think a cruise is a good idea? I’m also with you on loyalty – a virtue we all need to see more of.

  6. @anthropology major:nThanks for the post. I am also very interested in Science and I consider my own inner evolution to not be exclusivly to based on faith, but also on logic, scientific reasoning and parsing the combined work of great thinkers, artists and seekers. As far as an evolutionary course goes, I am pretty familiar with this model. It’s very hard to escape! It does however require as much of a leap of faith to believe it as the idea of a Divine higher consciouness. I guess that is the point I am making. Click

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