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Writer on Tour


I have been out and about, dear readers.

In March, I went to the Leipzig Book Fair:


I was feeling pretty nervous (hiding nerves under brave smile):


Because first up was an interview with the press:

neues deutschland

But, being socialists, they were very nice to me:


Then I went on stage to do a reading (one guy fell asleep):


After, that I went to the Institute of African Studies to do another reading. This time, I had Madiba with me for company. I felt much more relaxed:


I read:


I signed:


Then I drank some wine:


Last night, I did a reading in Langenbruecken, near Bad Schornborn, organised by the darling proprietors of the ars legendi bookshop. They arranged wonderful wine, Italian delicacies and some fabulous jazz. My husband and friends were there and I felt less nervous.

Starting to get the hang of this reading in German thing:


Next up is Berlin in May, and then in June I hit South Africa to promote the English version of the book and do readings in Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Cape Town and Joburg.

In between all this promotion work, I am trying to write book two. It is not easy, but I have come up with a plan. It involves sparrows, dawn and daggers drawn against the inner editor.

And perhaps a little wine.


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7 thoughts on “Writer on Tour

  1. he he he, you make me laugh

  2. How fab is this – and where would we be without the wine!

  3. This was enjoyable to read! I like how wine is helping you in so many ways! I am so thrilled your book is out, and even more that the English version is coming out! yaaay!

    I have to post under my google profile, not from my blog – WordPress is eating all my comments again. If you check your spam my comments over the past few months should be there. It’s been happening on all the wordpress blogs for me.

    congratulations, Charlotte, and so thrilled for your success. It also helps me to return to my own writing with determination 🙂

    Susan – You Can Never Have Too Many Books

  4. Book Two! And your current one soon available in English – hurrah! Such wonderful news!

  5. Yay! You are SO brave to be reading in German. Heck, you are so brave to be standing up there reading at all! So this is the literary high life, eh? You look very beautiful and like you were born to live it. xx

  6. If ever I talk to the press, I must remember to be interviewed by socialists! It must take a lot of concentration and nerve to read out loud in your second language. How long an extract did you have to read, and who chose which it would be: you, your agent, or your publisher? I’d find it very hard to decide which bit to read of something I’d written.

  7. Hi Sarah, it’s been different every time, but I now read the opening pages of the novel up to a mini cliffhanger. I am usually reading to people who haven’t read the book, and I want to give them a taster and leaving them wanting more. I have stopped reading whole chapters because no-one can concentrate for that long, and most people are more interested in the Q&A and discussion than in being read to. It took me a while to land on this formula – and I give full credit to my ebook publisher Zoe Beck (an author herself), who suggested it.

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