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My Literary Hero

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I had a brief interview recently with Maxi magazine about my literary hero, Eleanor Catton:


Here’s a loose translation:

My literary hero is the Booker Prize winner, Eleanor Catton. As a writer I admire her lively, original use of language, her playfulness, lack of fear and willingness to experiment. As a reader, I love getting lost in the worlds she creates. As an introduction to Catton, I’d recommend The Rehearsal, a moving novel about a sex scandal at a school.

(Charlotte Otter, 44, lived in South Africa for a long time. Her page-turning debut Balthasar’s Gift tells the story of a journalist on the chase of an evil case of corruption.)

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Novelist, feminist, crime writer

One thought on “My Literary Hero

  1. Right with you! Eleanor Catton is amazing – such a talent in one so young! How fantastic would it be for her to read YOUR book, Charlotte and have you as a literary hero too?

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