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My Day Just Got Better …


…. a friend sent me this sighting of Balthasars Vermaechtnis in the wild:

BV on shelf

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that if a novel with your name on it is spotted in a bookshop, you can safely call yourself an author.


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11 thoughts on “My Day Just Got Better …

  1. How wonderful – I hope you walk past it over and over, and then go home to dance round the kitchen!

  2. Jo, I’m going book-hunting in Heidelberg today, followed by kitchen-dancing.

  3. Brilliant – must be a great feeling.

  4. Yaaay!!!! You are an author!!!! How wonderful! Congratulations, Charlotte. Now, any word on it being published in English any time soon? I really want to read this, you know…..

  5. Fantastic!! And it looks really impressive. Seeing your very own book like that is second only, I imagine, to seeing someone reading that book at a cafe, on the train etc. I also can’t wait for the English translation. Happy book-spotting!

  6. Yes, yes, I am also wishing for an english version. I approve of you dancing for joy! How totally totally wonderful.

  7. Ooooh, you’ve just reminded me to tell my German friends! And I get a lovely tingle of vicarious pleasure imagining the buzz that bookstore sighting must have given you – I don’t think I’d ever stop feeling surprised and thrilled. Enjoy it all, Charlotte! And hurry up with the English version!

  8. Ah the thrill of it!! How glorious!

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