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South Africa – Time for a New Freedom

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Yesterday, Dr Ramphele launched Agang, a new political party that will contest the 2014 election. She said:

I am inspired by a burning ambition to aim higher.To expect excellence in education, in healthcare, and policing. To restore integrity to public life and pride to public service. To restore the trust between citizens and their leaders.


All this is possible if we raise our expectations of the future. You know I want us to dream bigger, to expect much, much more. Imagine for a moment that 90% of our children passed their matric each year and that we had libraries and computers in every school.

Imagine that our economy grew by 5% every year, creating thousands of new jobs and imagine that we could drive unemployment down below 10%. Imagine that every mother and her baby are born happy and healthy and that we could walk the streets free of the fear of crime. And imagine that we had the education, job opportunities, housing and healthcare to raise millions out of poverty.

This, is what true freedom feels like and it is within our reach. It is a future we can have if we expect more from ourselves, our government and our country, and if we vote for the future, not the past.Many times we have had the courage to stand together and lead our country forward.

Read the full text here.

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One thought on “South Africa – Time for a New Freedom

  1. I still believe that a united opposition will make a better inroad.

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