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On The Wire

My obsession with The Wire has reached its peak, as we enter Season Five. I have lost many hours of sleep to this series. It may even be better than sleep. So far, I can’t decide if I love Season Two (the stevedores) or Season Four (the kids, the heartbreaking kids) the most. No-one is good or bad in The Wire, everyone is flawed and human. Nothing is explained, everything is shown. The canvas is huge, but it focuses on one city. The women are foul-mouthed members of the team, not objects of hotness. Characters you adore are mown down, leaving you mourning for days (RIP, Bodie). What a lesson for writing.

On not writing

Apparently what I am doing is called composting. That is all.

On finding a new author, or rather, an author new to me

I read and devoured AM Homes’ May We Be Forgiven over Christmas, and am now foisting it on everyone. She is quite, quite brilliant, and now I have just finished This Book Will Save Your Life, which equally good. Homes appears to be a prolific writer, so I have hours of reading happiness ahead of me.

On men in skirts.


On fitness

Lunges hurt more than push-ups.

On work

Happiness is more important than career trajectory.

On snow

Snow makes winter easier to love.

On clarity

My to-do list is getting shorter, but I still have three major items that require ticking off.

On photo shoots

Artifice hurts and takes a very long time. However, it helps to have good people.


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11 thoughts on “News in Brief

  1. Yum! (the men in skirts)

  2. You look so apprehensive in that snapshot! Glamorous too! I’m sure the portrait will be gorgeous.

  3. on fitness – I want to tell plank where to go…love this list! I’m just begninning Season Three of The Wire and can’t imagine loving a season more than the one with the stevedores – we will have to chat when we both finish the series. Oh, I am blogging for now at – having trouble logging in and out but wanted you to ha ve the updated address. Happy 2013, thus far!

  4. I LOVE AM Holmes and totally agree she’s a brilliant writer. I shall remember your ‘snow’ line next time I’m skidding about in the car 🙂

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  6. A M Holmes is definitely on my list for this year, and I’m sure your photo shoot will turn out quite gorgeous!

  7. Boy I love that idea… composting. I might be doing some of that myself. Holding myself to the fire to finish book two but it’s not quite sprouting out of me like the first one. Maybe I need to throw on some lettuce leaves. Good luck with your three to-do items!

  8. I have new respect now for authors knowing they have to put up with photo shoots. And thanks for the recommendation re AM Holmes. Really like the blog update format as well.

  9. Composting! That’s a potentially life-saving concept…

  10. Hello, lovely Charlotte. I am determined to do the rounds today of all my dearly beloved blogging friends before I do *anything* else. I miss you all a lot. I know you said not to explain and not to apologise for long pauses in blogging, but I am sorry, because when I stopped spending time on the blogosphere, I didn’t just stop writing, I stopped reading, which means I stopped spending time with all of you. My life is definitely the poorer for it. What a weirdo time we’re (still) having. Anyway, how’s that English language publishing deal going? Look at your novel! And look at YOU, you gorgeous author, you! Lots of love to you from Sydney. xxxx

  11. The Wire has stolen weeks and weeks from my life, TWICE, that’s how much I love it! Completely understand.

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