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Chased by a Rhino


I hitch-hiked from Narbonne to Perpignan in the back of a fish-truck.

I sold dolls that wee in a supermarket in Bloubergstrand.

I was chased by a rhino.

I met a naval officer who was dancing in a fountain and I took him to my school dance.

I am good at croquet, average at bridge, poor at tennis.

I gatecrashed the first opening of parliament of South Africa’s new democracy.

I waitressed at a Foreign Office event without a work visa.

I’ve slept all night on a beach.

I wore a paper hat for work in the John Lewis staff canteen.

I know that angels smell of roses.

I’ve given birth three times, but only once in a hospital.

I spent a week in Rome in a villa on Appian Way.

I have shaken hands with a Prince and dined with international cricket stars.

I went to Oliver Tambo’s funeral.

The garden of my last home was the site of a Roman temple.

I used to ask boys out on dates.

On honeymoon, my husband and I had to call guards to chase away the elephants outside our hotel room.

After her death, my grandmother visited me in spirit.

I was trapped by floods in a Transkei village.

I write because there are stories in my head.

I write because words follow each other.

I used to be a crime reporter, but not a very brave one.

I have written a book about a crime reporter. She climbs walls, rides motorbikes and saves a child. She is the hero.

Inspired by Simonne Michelle’s beautiful post Dancing on a Greek Island


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

8 thoughts on “Chased by a Rhino

  1. This is fab – so many times I thought, ‘And then what happened – tell me more!’

  2. Lovely reading bullet points about your adventurous life. I’d probably have to struggle to come up with more than 4 or 5 points about my own life and can’t image anyone would find it interesting. But in my imagination, I’ve been chased by exotic animals (instead of just a cow) and learned experientially that angels smell like roses. But lots of everyday normal stuff happens to me and I find it funny even if that puzzles most of the people around me.

  3. Lovely snapshots and each one a story!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this – I tried the link to the blog that inspired it but it looks like that blog is private. Each one of these statements holds an entire story – so much more writing for you to do. And I am waiting with baited breath for your book to be published in English…

  5. I stumbled upon your blog when doing research for my most recent post (still in progress). I am a German student living in the US for one year and I love reading all the observations people from abroad make about Germany/Germans and I also see weird and amazing things here in the US. I like your blog a lot and this list was quite inspiring for my writing assignments. Thank you! I hope you don’t mind me recommending your blog on mine.

  6. Fascinating life, Charlotte. And the joy of writing is that your blog followers get to share in it. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your crime reporter. All the best to you and your family for 2013!

  7. Loved this, Charlotte. And I’ll have to read Simonne’s now!

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