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Infographic: Closing the Gender Wage Gap


This is US-specific, but pretty interesting. We have got a long way go, folks:


(From the good people at


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8 thoughts on “Infographic: Closing the Gender Wage Gap

  1. Hard to believe that glass ceiling is still there. Sigh.

  2. So depressing, see it like this – so I tweeted it. It won’t change wages, but at least I felt I was doing something!

  3. Interesting set of graphics there. So sad that it is all true, and yet if you pay any attention to FauxNews you would know that there is a war on men going on. Please get your barf bag before reading this link:

  4. This topic is really starting to make my blood boil, particularly because of all the completely unpaid work women get to do on top of the work they’re being underpaid for.

  5. Did you see the Atlantic article last year that talked about “mommy track” careers and how they’re hurting/stalling women’s income potential? (It’s here: It’s crazy that women don’t have the ability to take time off to have kids and still be at the forefront career-wise. I don’t know what the happy medium is, though. Thanks for sharing this infographic!

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