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Stats, Beautiful Stats


This is my 600th post.

At the time of writing, Charlotte’s Web has had 423,822 hits.

Today, most of my visitors came from the USA (45) and the fewest from Egypt (2).

Top post is still the ever-lasting 10 Things I Find Weird about Germany with 34,970 views. If I one day sell this many books, I will be a happy writer.

Second most popular post is the good twin 10 Things I Love about Germany, with 19,613 views. This many books would also be great.

Top search is for Charlotte’s Web with 4,155 hits.

The second highest search is I love Germany with 2,817 hits.

So let’s hope I’ll still be blogging when I hit 1,200 posts. At least by then, I should have sold one or two books.

Thanks to those of you who are still with me, despite the sporadic service. You deserve a bit of this:

With thanks to darwinbell (red balloons), Gregloby (traffic lights), ZeroOne (Manhattan), Pedrosimoes7 (bare feet), AdamBindslev (coffee and cake), Luc Viatour (spider web), Steys (Deutschland) and Timailius (champagne).

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

5 thoughts on “Stats, Beautiful Stats

  1. Congratulations on 600 posts, Charlotte!

  2. Congratulations, Charlotte – here’s to the next 600!

  3. Still here and loving your blog after all these years… Congratulations.

  4. 600 posts? How time flies! Loved every one of them. xoxox

  5. Love that you posted this. I’m a stat freak, but these went down so easy and elegantly… bravo. Congrats on 600 posts!

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