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1 October 1994




Artist’s impression of now:

Happy wedding anniversary to my love.

Eighteen years, and it just keeps getting better.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “1 October 1994

  1. What great pictures – both then and now. Happy anniversary.

  2. Wonderful shots. Wishing you and your husband a great anniversary and many more years of happiness!

  3. Hope you both have a wonderful day – it’s lovely to see people looking so happy!

  4. Happy, happy anniversary! We are so close in this – Mister Litlove and I married on 26th September 1993! What a pretty pair you make, then and now.

  5. Happy anniversary – I think the artist’s impression is jolly fine!

  6. Biting my lip – awwwww! Gorgeous! Happiest of all anniversaries to you two – and why do you look like you’ve gotten TALLER since 1994?!

  7. OMG how adorable!! I love these pictures, Charlotte. Many best wishes. Agustin and my 8th anniversary was on Tuesday, October 2nd. Those early days of October are awfully romantic aren’t they?

  8. What a gorgeous couple, then and now! But, much more importantly, such a happy, loving couple! Congrats!

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