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Who Needs Feminism?


We’re all equal, right?

Here are some of the front page articles in today’s Observer:

Despite having one two top-notch female candidates, the BBC chooses yet another man as DG.

Jesus was happy with female apostles, but the Church of England still can’t decide on female bishops.

Family planning summit in London threatened by religious groups.

UK recession hits middle-aged women worst.

ETA: Andy Murray, who as of this morning, has not yet won the Wimbledon Men’s Final, is all over the front page, whereas it takes four clicks to even find out who took the Women’s Final. (It was Serena Williams, if you care.)

Slap yourselves, folks. Apparently we are living in 2012 – although today’s headlines would indicate otherwise. Right now, men at better at leading broadcasting companies and being bishops, 200 million women around the world don’t have access to contraceptives, recession is worse for women than for bankers and no-one gives a rat’s arse about women’s tennis.

Are these the messages you want your children to receive?


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6 thoughts on “Who Needs Feminism?

  1. To say nothing of the men in Cabinet who are ‘running the country.’

    It does feel like we’ve stepped back 20 years – it’s so depressing that we are still having this discussion.

  2. Just look at motherhood – excessive emphasis on attachment parenting which tries to make women spend every second of their lives with their small children. That’s not necessary, but it is a necessary balance when the rest of the world is obsessed with masculine-type competitive money making. I think also our almost religious belief in the power of technology is a covert way of keeping masculine-type thinking in the forefront of all decision making. Sure women produce, code and use technology, but not in anywhere near the same percentage as men do.

  3. Wow, that’s a pretty depressing snapshot, Charlotte (and both Jo and LL make good points too). And the list goes on.

  4. The lack of female news is just one aspect of the reporting that is bugging me. We also have the focus on criminal acts, which makes people (in this country at least) feel like the world has gotten more violent when actually the level of violent crime has gone DOWN… and the scurrilous attack on women that is going on here in the form of defunding Planned Parenthood is disturbing too. I won’t even get into the horrible attitudes posited all over the election about the sanctity of marriage and why we can’t allow same sex marriage to exist. It all makes me so sick I just don’t even watch or read the news much any more.

  5. Very disturbing indeed. We ought to revive “That’s What She Said” and figure out a way to make it go viral.

  6. I’m glad I’m on your side Charlotte. Keep fighting the good fight!

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