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6 thoughts on “Treasured Possession

  1. I wish … I have one signed book (Two Caravans, by Marina Lewycka). Would tramp through swamps to get my copy of A Suitable Boy signed!

  2. Got four books from fellow YA authors (James Dawson, Tanya Byrne, Sarwatt Chadda, Cat Clarke) who signed encouraging messages about my own writing. Those mean a lot to me. The ultimate goal is to have a book signed by: Donna Tartt, William Boyd, Haruki Murakami, Cormac McCarthy or David Mitchell. I can dream…

    Great work getting Lionel Shriver’s signature!

  3. Agree with all your dream signatories, Jo and Joe! Would add Siri Hustvedt to the list too.

  4. I’ve got Wise Children signed by Angela Carter, particularly apt as it’s about twins and I’m a twin.

  5. I’ve got Me Talk Pretty Someday signed by David Sedaris. A real treasure.

  6. ooo – lucky you! I loved this book.

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