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A book deal for BG (and me)


Dear readers, I am so very, very happy to be able to tell you that I have sold the German rights to Balthasar’s Gift to Argument Verlag! I can now, without conscience, call myself an author.

The book will be out, in German, in Spring 2013. Argument have an imprint called Ariadne, which focuses on crime fiction by women. They tend to publish left-leaning, feminist fiction with edgy female protagonists. Ahem!

I have known since late April, so have already drunk my body weight in celebratory alcohol, but tonight I will sleep happy knowing that the contract is signed and we are on our way.

Next step: a contract with an English publisher so that my friends and family can read BG in the language in which it was written. Hold thumbs as BG wings its way around publishers’ desks in the UK!

If you want to get a feel for some of the themes in the book, here’s its mood board on Pinterest.


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25 thoughts on “A book deal for BG (and me)

  1. Wow, what an achievement! Congratulations on one of the greatest accomplishments a writer can have.

  2. Hurray! How wonderful. I look forward to reading it in English, or, if that doesn’t work out, stumbling through it,google translation at the ready, in German.
    In any event, congratulations.

  3. Can’t wait for the English version!

  4. Congratulations !
    I’ll be waiting for the English version. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! Is there a pre-order link yet for the German version?

  6. Thank you everyone! @Craig, not yet, but when I do I will blog, tweet, FB and LinkedIn the hell out of that link. Watch this space!

  7. Oh joy – this is the best news! Well done. Just wish I didn’t have to wait for the English version …

  8. Great! What a reward for your dedication and hours of work! I doubt I’ll be able to follow the story in German, I’ll wait for the English version.

  9. Wow! Huge congrats to you! And best of luck with the UK publishers.

  10. Well done.
    Paraphrasing Pg Wodehouse.
    To my family without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time.

  11. Congratulations! I feel I have been with you throughout this journey. I hope to read BG when it comes out in English, which will be very soon, I’m sure.

  12. Congratulations!!! Well done!!!! I’m so thrilled for you.

  13. Brilliant! Congratulations 🙂

  14. What a dream. I’m so happy for you 🙂 Can’t wait for the English version, as crime is my number one genre to read.

  15. BRILLIANT news! I know you live in Germany and have a German agent, but this means you’ll be in the unusual position of your book being available in translation before it is published (and it will be) in the language in which it was written.

    Here’s hoping the German rights sale adds appropriate weight to your submission to the UK publishers…and that before long you can say you’ve sold rights in two territories! Exciting times. 🙂

  16. Oh, that is so, so exciting! I’m very happy for you. Wish I could read German, but I will eagerly await its publication in English. And how cool that, once it’s published, I can tell everyone, “Oh, I remember back when Charlotte Otter was working on the first draft.”

  17. Congratulations, Charlotte! What wonderful news, and such a thrill, your first sale 🙂 fingers crossed it gets picked up by an English publisher as I want to read it. Yaaay!!!! Well done, Charlotte.

  18. Such wonderful news, Charlotte (and you know how happy I am for you already!). I was just thinking about the German edition, though – are you translating it or is someone else putting it in German for you?

  19. Hurrah hurrah! And thousand more hurrahs! Am now in this awful quandary of which version to read first… luxury problems, I know..

  20. chomping at the BIT for the English version. Congrats, Charlotte – I am just thrilled for you! xxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxo!

  21. That is SO exciting! Can’t wait to read it (in English)! HUGE congratulations!!!!


  23. How very very wonderful for you! I look forward to reading it when it comes out in english.

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