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Blog Hiatus


Dear Fans of Charlotte’s Web,

I am going on holiday and will be off the grid for a few weeks.

I plan to be here:

The Bush

And here:

The Beach


See you on the other side!

World Traveller

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “Blog Hiatus

  1. Have a fantastic time! We’ll ‘see’ you when you get back. x

  2. Have a lovely trip! You’re going home…..i hope it gets your writing ideas going, too 🙂

  3. Have a lovely holiday! We’ve saved you some sunshine – it’s lovely and warm here!

  4. Enjoy – have a wonderful time – and I, too, will be back when I’m down from the mountains!

  5. Hope you have a lovely, lovely time!

  6. Looks like we might both be headed to the same general region – have a wonderful time!

  7. N-I-C-E. Enjoy, won’t you?! xx

  8. Lovely pics (though I’ve been informed that hippos are extremely dangerous so don’t get too close!)

    Hope you return recharged and refreshed.

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