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Pictures for Women’s Day, 8 March 2012


I’ve written words about International Women’s Day here and here.

This time, I made a mood board on Pinterest instead. I looked for images that didn’t include:

  • nakedness
  • waifs
  • nubile women
  • women laughing alone with salad
  • women missing their mouths while drinking water
  • women as backdrop to a product
  • hardbodied women
  • women sweating while wearing small amounts of clothing
  • women as body parts
  • women in duets of romance with men
  • women in wedding dresses

Instead I tried to look for

  • happy women
  • colourful women
  • women in groups of friends
  • women in art
  • women in literature
  • women in music
  • inspiring photos of women
  • women who fought for us
  • bold words about being a woman
  • women from all over the world
  • women from long ago

And here is my Pinterest board to celebrate International Women’s Day 2012: Women

Hope you enjoy it.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

10 thoughts on “Pictures for Women’s Day, 8 March 2012

  1. I loved your pinterest page. What a good use of that bulletin board. I saw the “votes for women” picture and wondered if one of those wasn’t my grandmother Smith, who was actually thrown in jail for a week following her participation in the demonstration the Suffragettes held in Kansas City MO.

    Great post, great idea.

  2. These are fab, Charlotte – these are wonderful images that capture the roles and challenges for women, and a great reminder of what makes us special. Thank you.

  3. Oooh I liked that. By far and away the best thing I’ve seen on Pinterest.

  4. I love it! and have shared it on FB!

  5. # women laughing alone with salad – TOO BLOODY FUNNY!!!

    You go, girl. I’m glad you did something worthy of the day – I just got through mine, but that’s fairly representative too, I think! xx

  6. ‘woman laughing alone with salad’ would make a great title for a book!
    Happy International Women’s day. I like your pinboard – I have not heard of pinterest before but shall explore further

  7. Loved the pinboard, Charlotte!

    As well as the salad one I also liked ‘women missing their mouths while drinking water’… 🙂

  8. And yes, I think we DO need a name for Lot’s wife…

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