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All Hail the Queen


No, not that one. This one. Queen Emily has called upon me and thus, as a loyal subject, I must respond forthwith.

I give you Emily’s Eleven Questions Meme:

1. Have you ever liked a movie more than the book? If so, what movie(s)? 
Never. Not once. Not ever. Books rule. Books win. Books are the best.
2. ________ opening for __________ would be a dream concert. Fill in the blanks. (You can fill them in with performers dead or alive.)
Ivy Quainoo opening for Florence and the Machine would be a dream concert.
3. If you’re making dinner and don’t need to take into account anyone else’s tastes but your own, what do you find yourself having over and over again?
Salad, or eggs with salad. I get very boring when I cook for myself.
4. You get to interview the author of the book you are reading right now. What’s the first question you’d ask?
I’m reading the latest Elizabeth George. I’d like to know why she killed off Lynley’s wife. Was it really necessary? My second question would be, ‘And now would you read my book?’
5. If the world becomes one in which all new novels are only published in digital format, what will you miss most?
The thrill of the bookshop hunt. I have strong physical memories of many of the bookshops I have visited over the years and it would leave a vast gaping hole in my life if they were no more.
6. If you had been gifted to play any musical instrument brilliantly, what would you choose to play? (Or maybe you are so-gifted. If so, what do you play?)
I have no gift to speak of, but would adore to play the piano. Need I say that all three of my children take piano lessons?
7. The “war between the sexes” has been around since the beginning of time. What do you think is the biggest problem between the sexes today?
Misogyny amongst young men. It makes me fear for younger women. I happen to listen to a radio station that plays a lot of rap, and the misogyny and hatred of women that pours out of those lyrics is appalling. But also infantile in a way – lots of little babies all trying to get boobies. Really pathetic. Perhaps I should stop listening, but I can’t help myself because I’m so incredulous at the level of awfulness.
8. If you could switch places with any celebrity for three months, with whom would you like to switch places?
Lionel Shriver (a celebrity to me). Three months in her skin would teach me how to write.
9. You can eat at any restaurant in the world. Where would you eat?
I’d go to Lookout Beach in Plett for a bucket of prawns and a cider – and if they could order some whales in for me to watch at the same time, that would be perfect.
10. What book do you wish you hadn’t wasted your time reading last year?
Oh dear, now I have to come clean that I never manage to finish A Stranger’s Child: the first half was so brilliant it had me swooning and quoting bits and writing blog posts, and the second was …. a snore.
11. Would you like me to answer all these questions myself?
Absolutely, Queenie. You go for it girlfriend.
Emily will forgive me if I don’t invent 11 questions and tag 11 people. Firstly, her questions were so good, I couldn’t beat them and secondly I don’t do tagging any more.
However, if you want to play, the Queen would be thrilled!
(Apologies for the strange formatting in this post – I have novel revisions to do and don’t have time to fiddle with the code.)

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7 thoughts on “All Hail the Queen

  1. Ok – here goes.
    1. No – I agree with you.
    2. Paulo Nutini opening for Queen (with Freddie Mercury, of course.)
    3. Pasta, with anything quick!
    4. I’m reading Aunt Julie and the Scriptwriter, by Mario Vargas Llosa (in translation, of course). We have pages and pages of scriptwriter efforts, complete with adverbs etc, all rules broken, and yet it’s still a great read – and funny! How does he do that?
    5. I’d miss the smell of paper. Especially old paper.
    6. I play a piano badly. I’d love to play it well.
    7. Not so sure ‘war between the sexes’ isn’t a modern construct. That’s not the same as acknowledging differences. But modern communications feed the sexuality of your people to the point where it is now destructive. I fear for both men and women.
    8. I find the thought be being any sort of celebrity so awful, I want one known for her privacy. Like Margaret Drabble.
    9. To eat – Siem Reap, in Cambodia. Most people don’t realise that Cambodian cuisine is wonderful!
    10. Jennifer Egan – A Visit from the Goon Squad. (ducks behind sofa – I know many will disagree with me).
    11. Of course Queenie should answer them!

  2. If electronic books took over, I’d miss being able to add new favourites to the old friends on the bookshelf… in fact I already do, as my husband keeps getting new books electronically, which we all read on our phones, and then I wonder where they are when I roam the shelves.
    And I agree on the book/movie question – it would have to be a pretty bad book to be better in the movie!

  3. Thanks for playing in the midst of book revising. I get boring when I cook for myself, too. Good thing I don’t do it too often. Mysogyny amongst young men is such a mystery. I keep thinking things should be getting better, but sometimes they seem to be getting worse. Will answer my own questions soon. Stay tuned.

  4. I really enjoyed your answers, Charlotte! and since I tagged Emily in the first place, I’m the one responsible (should I duck?). I’m really glad I didn’t have to answer her questions though, they are tough! that music one threw me….then where in the world would I eat…..thanks for playing along! In the midst of your reviews, too.

  5. Cool – I really enjoy memes whenever you do them, Charlotte. I love the little glimpse into other sides of your personality. I hear you on the misogyny front. I wonder what will become of them, these boys and girls both.

    On another note, can you get to France? We might be going to France. Any suggestions for rural France farm-stay or similar much appreciated! xx

  6. I couldn’t finish A Stranger’s Child either! Somehow I feel comforted that you didn’t either 🙂

  7. These ARE good questions. It is my first time wandering in here, and those questions gave me a great glimpse!

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