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10 thoughts on “The Rooftops of Germany

  1. This is lovely – it looks very peaceful, and clean. The sort of place where everyone cleans their windows. And pretty in the frost.

  2. Very pretty and peaceful!

  3. I’ve seen those! Well, similar ones. Lord, those views take me back.

  4. Great view, I love the colours.

  5. The harbour in Pittenweem is exceptionally pretty today – and I am leaving to go down south prior to returning to Beijing. Boo hoo. Doing a quick catch-up of blog reading, I see you are now on Pinterest too – I love it! terribly time-wasting but great fun and sometimes useful.

  6. How pretty! Makes me want to have some gingerbread.
    A proof copy of my book is winging its way to you as we speak! I mailed it yesterday so it should arrive soon.

  7. Could that BE any more German?! 😉

  8. Wow, that vew is georgeus!

  9. I love seeing people’s writing corners, Charlotte. Especially yours! I’m putting this picture up on the desktop of my computer, and it will replace the courtyard view from Sigmund Freud’s desk in Vienna which I have been looking at for long enough.

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