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If Money Were No Object


Germany’s Top Husband will attest that I am no high-maintenance Frau. He recently rather sweetly told me that I am his trophy wife because of my brain. And it’s true, I don’t spend money on self-maintenance. I go the hairdresser twice a year, I still have the same rouge I bought when my son was born, my make-up bag consists of six items, I don’t have manicures and facials, and I am happiest in jeans.

However, if money were no object, there are certain luxuries I would allow myself to enjoy.

1. I’d have a stylist do my hair every morning to look like Hilary’s:

2. I’d have the fairies put fresh white bed linen on my bed every day …

3. … and fresh flowers in every room.

4. I’d have a wardrobe full of Levis demi-curve skinny boot cut jeans:

5. And I’d live in a house surrounded by books:

Oh, but I already have that one.

And I have fresh flowers in one room. I have white linen on my bed. I have one pair of Levi’s demi-curve skinny boot cut jeans.

The only thing that’s actually missing in my life is the stylist.

GTH? … Do you know how to use a hairdryer?

[Boy, that man can run fast.]

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18 thoughts on “If Money Were No Object

  1. Low maintenance is the new black… me too… I hope they appreciate their good luck these top husbands! – and I love the idea of fresh white linen every day and flowers in every room. Money being no object I’d probably abandon frugality when shopping and take to the gourmet high life with abandon, go organic, fair trade and 99% cocoa solid.

  2. It’s a good thing I’m low maintenance as I live alone. But someone to empty the dishwasher and put the rubbish out – that would be wonderful. (As long as this magic person didn’t leave socks in the bathroom or watch football on Sundays!)

  3. New books every day for me. An invisible fairy who does all the housework. And cooking…

  4. I am with you on the beds, would love to have a freshly made bed every morning, but I would also like someone to bring me a selection of newspapers every morning, with a giant coffee, and enough time to read them.

  5. I commented on the Facebook post before reading, but my answer remains about the same – with the addition of the fresh, high thread count (but, for me, colorful) linens.

    Wonderful foods, especially cheese
    Wines that are actually *supposed* to be good – perhaps some of them are?
    Someone to clean my house
    Christmas back home every single year.

    …and I do like the look of those jeans you’ve got there.

  6. You don’t seriously like Hilary Clinton’s hairdo, do you?

  7. I have someone who brings me delicious coffee every morning, and will make the bed (although not with fresh white lines) as long as I am out of it before he leaves for work. I only get the fresh sheets once per week. It frightens me, however, that he used to cut his former wife’s hair; I don’t think he’d make it as a stylist. And before he quit baking, he used to make a knock-out double chocolate torte.

    I wouldn’t mind having a wardrobe of those jeans, but more than the wardrobe, I’d like to have a fab body to go in them!

  8. I would have a one-on-one yoga session every morning, followed by a massage. I’d have my car valet-cleaned every week and my bathroom cleaned every day. And I think I’d copy you and have fresh flowers in every room!

  9. Oh I loved this post! I often think how nice it would be to have more money, and then realise that all I’d do with it is buy more books, and that would NOT go down well, given our space issues…. But if I did earn well, I’d love to be able to buy myself a nice bag every now and then. I can’t justify the expenditure so long as the bag I possess is still in one piece, or something upsetting hasn’t been spilled all over the lining!

  10. Ha ha ! Love the post. But GTH really does need to sharpen up the hairstylist skills…I mean, how does he live with himself? 😉

  11. Great post. I’m so low maintenance, my husband hasn’t noticed the are holes in most of my jeans. I think that, by ignoring them, he’s trying to keep me focused on making some money out of my writing. Meanwhile, I would like a proper wardrobe rather than a freestanding rail, so at least I can keep the dust and moths from totally wrecking my clothes 😉

  12. I don’t need or miss any extravaganza in my life but I would hire a stylist if I could afford it. A real bubbly slightly spaced-out one (Edie from Ab Fab style), full of bright ideas who dresses me up with simple distinguished pieces and accessories. We’d have a glass of bubbly together while I try on her latest suggestions and laugh at how she managed once again to disguise those ageing and expanding body bits in style. Yes, would love that!

  13. Space. A house with space. That’s all I ask for. Unfortunately, that’s asking an awful lot if you live in the middle of London…

  14. LOL! I’d have someone to come in and clean except that I’m fiercely protective of my quiet time and couldn’t stand the interruption.

  15. I’m with you, honey. I have fresh flowers in one room (currently stunning yellow-tipped red tulips), fresh white linen on the bed (though I am the grumbling fairy responsible for those hospital corners…), books on the shelves and magic jeans in the wardrobe… really, I want for nothing (except a writing nook!). My hair I just run a comb through and leave to dry – the most liberating change I have ever made to my grooming habits. Oh, but I would get regular mani-pedis were money no object. And I’d love a dishwasher fairy because I swear I spend my life trying to make everything fit.

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