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My Writing Corner


I write in my bedroom, which is not ideal, but thanks to Germany’s Top Husband, who put up the shelves, my writing corner is now pretty (essential to me) and looks like this:

Here it is from a slightly different angle:

I love the white shelves, the flower pictures and the photos of my family. It makes me a very happy writer.

Yours sincerely,
Charlotte in the Corner

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Novelist, feminist, crime writer

12 thoughts on “My Writing Corner

  1. That is a lovely corner! I’m jealous.

  2. Love it! I need to establish a writing corner, but somehow, I never seem to get around to it.

  3. I like the light coming in from the window. Instead of a desk I would put a divan there for napping. Which is why I’m not a writer…but I do love my naps:)

  4. A lovely corner, and I also like the position next to a window – surely everyone needs a tiny distraction now and then. Do you know the Guardian series on writers’ rooms? They’ve stopped doing it, but if you look in the Guardian archives you’ll find the whole series from a couple of years back – I love browsing through these.
    And thanks for your very kind comment on my blog recently – Germany is actually high on my travel list, so I may well take you up on your offer!

  5. That is a lovely writing corner. It beckons me and makes me want to come in and sit down and start writing – so well done to you and your husband!!!! I hope you have many, many enjoyable hours writing there, Charlotte.

    I think every writer needs a writing corner, if not room, that is set up for writing. Kind of like Virginia Woolf’s A Room of their Own, except it’s still so hard to ask for a whole room for our creativity, isn’t it?

  6. How comfortable and elegant, Charlotte! Suits you down to the ground.

  7. That’s a lovely space, long may it continue to work for you!

  8. It really is a very nice space, I also like the light from the window. Shelves are nice; I could use some of those in my corner. My desk is not nearly so tidy, I’m afraid.

  9. What a lovely writing nook.

  10. That’s a very fine writing nook, Charlotte. I really badly miss having a dedicated space in the apartment for my writing… I am currently sitting on the couch resting my laptop on my knees, and I’m sad to say it’s where I do whatever writing I manage these days. I look forward to the day I have a desk and a chair again – in the meantime it makes me very happy to think of you using yours!

  11. Oh how lovely! It’s funny what a difference your writing environment can make. Our (meaning MY!) study got a makeover this year and it just makes me happy to be in that space now with its pale wood everything and my funky Keith Haring style chair from IKEA – makes writing a pleasure and I wonder why it took us so long to do it!

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