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Hello January!


Hallo January! Gosh, you’ve been a frisky little month, haven’t you? But I quite prefer you to December, which I am trying to extinguish permanently from my memory. December was flabby and exhausted, and quite, quite grumpy. Smelly also. But we won’t go there. We don’t need to remember it. January, on the other hand, you are fresh and full of promise. You are green. You are fragrant and exciting. You contain possibilities – potential new jobs, potential book deals, potential trips to faraway places that contain sun, beaches and disgustingly alcoholic cocktails. Your tail is twitching with the thrill of the new. And there is nothing I like more than new.

Here are some of the new things that January has brought me thus far:

1. A new handbag. A luscious, velvety object in peacock-feather blue.

2. A trip alone on a train.

3. A night alone in a hotel.

4. A walk around Munich on my own.

5. A large pile of non-fiction reading.*

6. Zumba – going tomorrow, will report back.

7. Pinterest – oh, the allure of this spectacular time-sucker. It is a revolting amount of fun. If you are a pinner, let me know and I will follow you.

8. Having a long-lost cousin from New Zealand find me on the Internet. Hello Amanda! *waves*

Have you done anything new this month?

* The Emperor of All Maladies, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Reading Women, soon to start the Charles Dickens biography.

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11 thoughts on “Hello January!

  1. What a fantastic list of non-fic! I have the last two and the Dickens biography and they all sound wonderful. The Emperor of Maladies sounds interesting too, although the subject matter scares me a little.

    Sounds like doing things alone is your theme for January! I love to have lone adventures. One of my favourite things is going to the cinema on my own.

  2. Nice to see someone being nice about January for a change. It’s my birthday month but I’ve decided to have my birthday in April instead. If the Queen can have an official birthday so can I. I have some excuse, I was in Egypt on my birthday and it would have made me depressed that I couldn’t meet my family then.

    January has given me the trip to Egypt ,plus some presents from people who didn’t realise I was having my birthday in April!

  3. I like your description of December as flabby, exhausted and grumpy- just about describes my mood after my December, without the grumpy. But Santa delivered a Zumba Wii Game in my daughter’s stocking and I am now hooked! Should sort out the flabby and exhausted of my December hangover.
    Love your blog by the way.

  4. Oh, you do make me laugh, Charlotte – be gone, grey-skinned December! But aren’t you ever so slightly alarmed to find we’re already in the second half of this jaunty little January? It is freaking me out.

    Now, I know your NZ Amanda isn’t MY NZ Amanda, but it’s nice to know we each have a NZ Amanda in our lives!

  5. Hi Char. Sounds like January has been a good month for you so far. Besides, who needs flabby old December, anyway? My month thus far has been total, luxurious vacation missing all of the snow and cold back home. So, no complaints from my corner of the world right now, though I’m wondering how I will carry forward the total bliss of the sun, beach, and relaxation forward into the bleary cold of February.

  6. Haven’t quite got to grips with January yet – it’s the trauma of lurching from relaxing summer holiday into the uncertain timetables of back to school, heatwave and all. ANd we’re more than halfway through already….panic!

  7. What an exciting start to your year! I hope this is the start of great things – have a happy 2012!

  8. Yay! December begone! The new bag sounds gorgeous. And all the other things on the list are pretty fab, too. What a lovely start to the New Year and may it carry on as it has begun.

  9. Happy New Year, Charlotte! Glad to hear that you’re having such a lively January. Pinterest looks like fun.

  10. Hurray for blue handbags (I have one too 😉 !) and for new discoveries! That is indeed the right way to start a brand new year… (and I’m an avid lurker of pinterest too)

  11. new wall mural; new dress for a fundraising gig; new resolve!

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