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Having been given carte blanche from you lovely lot to keep on keeping on – and that fact that both Marks & Spencers and Aldi have already got their Christmas aisles groaning with mince pies and Lebkuchen respectively – I am happy to share with you my Christmas wish lists. Here are the movies and the books that I have missed this year and which I am desperate to see or read. Please feel free to add suggestions in the comments – I welcome your thoughtful tips for both. Please note that on the movie front, I am an “easy listening” watcher. I don’t do violence, torture, sex marathons, zombies or slashers. However, I can cope with very edgy humour – welcome it, in fact.

Without further ado, here is my movie wish list:

1. The Kids are Alright

2. Bridesmaids

3. Beginners

4. We Need to Talk About Kevin

And now for the books:

1. Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson.

2. Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma. Nova is long-term blog friend, who is rapidly becoming a YA superstar. Imaginary Girls is her second novel published under her own name.

3. Deep Country by Neil Ansell. Neil’s a Litopia connection, but I read the Guardian review before he joined the writing site and earmarked the book then and there.

4.  A Kind of Intimacy by Jenn Ashworth

5.  Darkside by Belinda Bauer. I loved her debut Blacklands and can’t wait for this.

6. Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman. This is the Booker Prize shortlister that appeals most to me.

7. Reading Women by Stephanie Staal. A history of feminist writing.

8. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

9. A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore

I have just reactivated my Goodreads account, so if you are there, do let me know. I’ve just lost half an hour wondering around reading everyone’s recommendations, so will reserve the right to update my wish list according to what I find there and what you recommend.

What’s on your watching and reading wish lists?

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11 thoughts on “Wish Lists

  1. Your movies #1 and 2 are on my wish list, too! My book wish list is too long to account, and now is even longer due to the addition of several from YOUR list!

  2. Yes I’m on Goodreads! Add me if you haven’t already. A Paris Wife just came in for me from the library but I haven’t downloaded it yet. I hope I haven’t missed the deadline, I do that sometimes. Oh I just checked–just in time–and got it. Mind you I’ve got a head cold which stuffs up my brain so I may not get to it until I can breathe freely again.

  3. Yeah, I’ve just started engaging properly with Good Reads, as much to discipline myself to get rid of my appalling backlog of unread books as anything else.

    My big thing at the moment is the Robert Fagle’s translation of Virgil’s Aeneid which I was finally driven to via Dante’s Purgatory. Oh, and more people should read Dante!

  4. The Kids are All Right – great movie! (and Mark Ruffalo is easy on the eyes 😉 Bridesmaids made me cry, but I didn’t love it the way everyone said i would. Beginners was lovely and quiet, but very different to the way it was portrayed in the trailer – not a real comedy, more introspective and downbeat.

    Win Win is my most recent favourite offbeat movie.

    i’m really looking forward to the new Jeffrey Eugenides that’s coming out soon!

  5. Some friends dragged me to “Bridesmaids” — not usually my type of movie — and it was hilarious! Movie quote: “It’s happening.” All we have to do is say this and we crack up. Hah!

  6. I think you would like Away We Go on the movie front. Also, I’ve just caught wind of the debut novel The Submission, a fiction about a 9/11 memorial design contest that is won by a Muslim man. Supposed to be quite good and not overwrought with opportunism. And I’m on Goodeeads too!

  7. I’m just not sure I can handle We Need to Talk… The book is so overwhelming. Do you think they’ll show the terrible scenes at the end in real time, or refer to them as reported events?

    Otherwise I recommend ‘Never let Me Go’ and ‘Jane Eyre’ be added to you list of must sees if you haven’t been to see them already. You can beat a UK produced feature when you live in another country.

  8. Movies 1 and 3 look good (and 2 too probably). And I already have too much to read so will try not to be tempted by any of the books (although will visit Goodreads anyway).

  9. Ooh nice lists. I’m also going to read Neil Ansell’s book when it’s in paperback, and I have The Good Wife already. I loved the Stephanie Staal, and enjoyed Lorrie Moore a lot. She writes paragraphs of such brilliance that you forgive her the rather raggedy plot. I’ve got the latest William Nicholson and Julian Barnes to look forward to from the list of recent releases, and umm, quite a few others. Let’s not go there!

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