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Feeling Horizontal


I’ve just come back from a week in Mallorca, having found its quiet, laid-back corner (it still exists) and am feeling horizontal. I wonder if my sun lounger misses me?

Life is going up a gear for me, however, as I start work in two weeks’ time – a real, fulltime job – just as my children start their summer holidays. We’re having to import our favourite au pair from South Africa (Granny) in order to cope with the timetable clash. And in the two weeks between then and now, I plan to finally complete the novel revisions and submit them, so I’m not sure how often I am going to be able to post here at Charlotte’s Web.

While I’m writing and contemplating my work wardrobe, here are some pics from Mallorca upon which you can feast your eyes:

Finca Sol Rose: view from the kitchen to the lovely blue pool and mountains

Blue sea, blue sky

Craggy mountains, blue sea

Blue coves

Blue flowers

Contemplating lunch, while wearing blue

More damn blue

Formentor Beach blues

As you can tell, it was very, very rough, but someone had to do it.

Au revoir,

Your intrepid correspondent

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15 thoughts on “Feeling Horizontal

  1. How beautiful your vacation looks to have been!

    I’m sending luck for the revisions and congratulations on the new job!

  2. What a lovely respite before the time crunch begins! Filing this away under “places I want to visit someday”!

  3. You do horizontal very well, Charlotte – I love that top photo. That cosy corner looks so restful. What’s the real, grown-up, full time job? And congratulations on nearing the end of the revisions!

  4. Hope those last edits just fly by – and very curious to know what the new job is??? Mallorca (and you) look gorgeous. I had a very nice honeymoon there, a long, long time ago.

  5. All that blue! Lucky you, Charlotte. Like litlove, I want to know about the new job. Also — I too have two weeks to finish revisions. Maybe we could support each other in this endeavor. It would feel great to cross the finish line around the same time as you! (PS: I like those lounging on the couch pants.)

  6. Good luck with revisions and work wardrobe. Shame about it coniciding with summer holidays but I guess the Granny au pair compensates a little. My work rate takes a steep dive during holidays, as we lie in longer and get distracted by games of Catan in the afternoons, but those are the joys of working from home.

  7. Good luck with the edits! Balancing writing a novel with a fulltime job is a tough challenge.

  8. Charlotte – found you! Via Nicola’s blog, my blog – glad you had such a fab holiday. And thanks for being so constructive with Gap Years.

    please can you email me –

  9. Mallorca looks like paradise! What a wonderful place to spend some down time before things get crazier. Congrats on the new job and cheering you on down the home stretch on the revisions.

  10. Haha – just the kind of tough travel assignment I’d love! Mallorca looks completely fabulous. Guess you won’t be horizontal for too long though!

  11. You poor lamb, how did you cope? Another shitty day in Mallorca, apparently ;o) Good luck with the new job and how kind of the au pair to make her services available!

  12. Looks absolutely divine! Glad you had such a nice vacation and good luck getting back to real life. 🙂

  13. I’d like to hear about the new job as well! One good thing about work wardrobe – shoes! (she says as she rocks some super high gray heels) – your holiday photos are stunning and make me lament my lack of vacation time…how beautiful!

  14. Great photos. I’m so envious!

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