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Ten Foods I Couldn’t Live Without


You may or may not know this – hell, I do love to share – but I am a bit of a Paleo fan, having low-carbed it like the ancestors for the past two years. One of the Paleo bloggers I follow is Mark Sisson, whose every post makes so much sense that I leap into the air each time I read one, give a rebel yell, fall to the floor to do twenty swift push-ups and then run downstairs to eat my body weight in bacon.

I am stronger, fitter and better-tempered when I eat Paleo. I have no blood sugar spikes and I no longer ache for my post-lunch nap. I still break for cake, but I like to think that my cake moments grow fewer and farther between as the years go by. As another sugar-free blogger, David Gillespie says, sugar is just for parties. Anyway, Mark just posted his 10 Foods He Can’t Live Without, and, in the interests of maintaining the high levels of TMI around these parts, here are mine:

1. Bacon

So good it’s called Paleo sugar. Love it. And following swiftly behind it are:

2. Eggs

So many ways to eat them, so many ways to love them.

3. Spinach

Preferably tiny little fresh leaves, all mixed up with:

4. Walnuts

Hmm. My nut of choice.

5. Cream

Just a little in my coffee, slightly more over my:

6. Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. You name them, I love them.

7. Lamb chops

Sorry, to all my very dear vegetarian friends, but the lamb chop is possibly the zenith of all eating experience – crunchy, juicy, sweet and naturally grass-fed.

8. Leaves

Leaves in all their forms, from lettuce to pak choi, form the basis of what I eat. I have a minimum of two leaf-based meals a day and have been known to eat yesterday’s salad for breakfast.

9. Coconut

Milk, shredded, in chunks. There’s nothing like the coconut for its high-fat, low-carb goodness.

10. Chicken

Is my friend, in so many ways. In a salad, on the barbeque, on the wing; it’s all good.

These foods now form the basis of what I eat, and will continue to do so henceforth. I barely eat grains, rice, pasta, bread, legumes, root vegetables – all the things that the dietary gurus of the past century told us were essential to life and healthy living. I am fitter and stronger as a result. I am more alert. I can do 20 push-ups, rest and do another 20, I can lift heavy things, I have the energy to play with my children and I run and sprint. I take no medications, no vitamins and very seldom visit the doctor.

I have no pretence at being a Paleo guru and I resist the temptation to try to convert others, but I’ve found a way of eating that makes me happy and I’m sticking with it.

What are ten foods you couldn’t live without?

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9 thoughts on “Ten Foods I Couldn’t Live Without

  1. 1. tomatoes And although I do have to live without them for part of the year, a true tomato is a joy.

    2. peaches and cherries. really, anything with a pit in it.

    3. cheese — good cheese. I’d have to stop living if I couldn’t eat cheese ever again.

    4. bread. see cheese, above. (acme bread, in particular)

    5. pistachios

    6. leaves — I’m with you on the leaves, a category I believe should encompass herbs

    7. olive oil

    8. I guess I’d have to add vinegar (see 6 and7 above)

    9. shrimp

    10. foil wrapped chocolates from Germany

    I believe the above items make a grilled shrimp salad with fruit and foil wrapped chocolates from Germany for dessert.

    mmmm. I have tried not to eat bread, and it is impossible. But it is not impossible to eat a small amount of really good bread. In fact, that is the best way to eat it.

  2. This has made me very very hungry for my breakfast. I’d post ten foods, but I think I really need to go eat! 🙂

  3. Chocolate. Is good chocolate (in beautiful tins also from Germany) allowed?
    Fish. I could list ten varieties of fish.
    Chilli, preferably red.
    Soy sauce.
    Pak choi also!!!!
    Coffee. I’m back on coffee again, mostly because one of the best coffee shops in London has opened directly on my route to work.
    I’m with bloglilly on olive oil!
    And cheese, preferably goats.

  4. Mmh, you got me thinking very hard this morning! Having lived very far from my homeland for a while, my food habits varied a great deal, there are very few permanent features, so my list of things-I-can’t-live-without is quite short:
    – cheese (I’m addicted, that’s the reason why I could never turn vegan!!)
    – rice / pasta (I know, so much carb is bad for me)
    – spinach
    I discovered that I could do without a lot of things I previously thought as mandatory (I hardly missed chocolate and good bread, although I enjoyed them when I came back). I enjoy every kind of food really, so the rest is all added bonus, even Chinese chicken feet!

  5. Ha, nothing to do with food. Have just spent two days proof-reading on Kindle.

    Terrified of getting my head chopped off if they got your web address wrong in the acknowledgement. But here we are, your address taken from the proof. Whew.

    Your hard-cover copy ordered and paid for. Release date next Saturday 25th. E-book via Amazon too.

    If I should be so lucky that you review, please whack me when necessary. I am aware of my faults. No problem if its not good enough to review. I am not naive, ha-ha.

    Daisy better send me an invoice. I stole words out of her mouth for dialogue. (Never mind what I used from Brett and Ingrid. She’s gonna blush.)

    Have fun.

  6. Oops – never heard of Paleo before!

    10 foods I can’t live without:
    1) butter
    2) rocket
    3) oranges
    4) vegetables – all and any except brussel sprouts
    5) lamb
    6) creme brulee
    7) balsamic vinegar
    8) salmon and trout
    9) salt
    10) coffee

  7. Hmm – foods or ingredients? slightly different, ne? although some things bridge the divide eg Parmesan, bacon,
    10 ingredients (in no particular order): garlic, onions, lemons, pastas (Italian/chinese noodles whatever), mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, meat, shellfish, parsley.
    10 foods – moules mariniere, roast lamb, garlic saucisson, eggs benedict, Beijing Duck, salade nicoise, Mum’s Xmas Pudding, The Full Monty breakfast, Slaap chips, Anchovette Toast.

    OMG how unhealthy my food choices look! sigh…as I am in Beijing fat chance of me eating any of them execept for Beijing duck (or Kaoya as it is called here).

  8. I love the idea of how healthy your low carb doiet is, but top of my can’t live without list is bread.. homemade of course but still carbs, and then potatoes in most manifestations, butter, olive oil, fruit. I could manage without bacon, but why choose to?! nuts, herbs and spices and garlic.

  9. What, no root vegetables? I’m pretty sure there is a reason the Incas grew potatoes and someone figured out that wild carrots were good to eat… Not to say I don’t think that eating like a caveman is a good idea, I think it is brilliant.

    That being said, one food I cannot do without is Chocolate! With sugar.

    And I love lamb chops too… lamb shanks, leg of lamb roasted… mmm.

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