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Over To You


I know I said I was taking a break, but you can’t keep a good blog post down. Today, I’m inspired by über-agent and blogger, Rachelle Gardner, who’s asking her readers some questions.

Here are mine, for you to answer in the comments:

1. What’s the best book you’ve read this year and why?

2. What are you tired of reading about on blogs?

3. What do you never tire of reading on blogs?

4. What’s the one blog on your feed reader that you’ll always read first?

5. Dark or milk chocolate?

Have a great Easter weekend!


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12 thoughts on “Over To You

  1. 1. A Visit from the Good Squad. Loved the intertwined, elliptical stories. Loved the quirky characters. Loved the insights on modern life.
    2. Yoga.
    3. Funny kid stories. I’m a sucker for those.
    4. This one, of course!
    5. Either one, I’m not picky!

  2. 1. The Finkler Question and here’s why: click on link.
    2. Memes (sorry, but I like this one, it’s short).
    3. I can’t categorize it that easily.
    4. And I can’t pick just one!
    5. Dark (except when I like milk!)

  3. 1. Father of the Rain – because it is beautifully and carefully observed and I want to be best friends with the lead character.
    2. Privelege; so important to read and educate and be exposed to but right now I am a little burnt out on it.
    3. People’s dark but funny moments. And gorgeous photos of beautiful lives.
    4. Some of my favourite bloggers don’t write nearly enough. When they appear in my reader it is a happy little surprise and instead of going straight to them I enjoy, for a while knowing there is finally a new post from them to read.
    5. Both, but dark chocolate is better, you are forced to savour it where as milk chocolate can be eaten too quickly, IMHO.

    Man, I am really into delayed gratification today. Why, I wonder.

  4. 1. The best book I’ve read this year is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin because it taught me some history, tickled my soul, and has characters that are more memorable than a twin sister.

    2. I’m tired of reading about David Foster Wallace and/or eBooks on blogs.

    3. I never tire of reading on blogs about how a book changed a reader’s perspective or allowed them to do something they otherwise might not have done.

    4. The one blog in my feed reader that I always read first is

    5. Dark chocolate.

  5. Let’s see:

    1. What’s the best book you’ve read this year and why?
    Sarah Blakewell’s How to Live (or something like that — it’s a biography of Montaigne, the great French essayist). I love being instructed on how to live well.

    2. What are you tired of reading about on blogs?
    I’m not really tired of anything. I don’t get to read blogs very often, so I enjoy it when I do.

    3. What do you never tire of reading on blogs?
    I love before and after pictures — you know, the messy living room and then TADA the really neat living room that’s been re-painted and refurnished. And I love to read about good things that have happened to people. Oh, also, photos of food.

    4. What’s the one blog on your feed reader that you’ll always read first? Alas, I am afraid to use my feed reader. It’s too demanding.

    5. Dark or milk chocolate? Milk. It’s too late to get me hooked on the good stuff.

  6. 1. The Bostonians (Henry James).

    2. I get tired of people who write from so far inside their own experience that I can’t figure out what they’re talking about.

    3. Perceptive reviews of books or movies that I like, where I learn things about them that I never thought of on my own.
    3.1. Plus, anything that’s actually funny.

    4. Probably Tavi Gevinson (

    5. Milk, but it’s not like I’m picky or anything.

  7. I’m a bit late to this one, nevertheless, my answers:
    1) Guardian of the Dead – Karen Healey. Because it mixes New Zealand/maori myths with magic, and it’s fabulous and dangerous.
    2)I’m tired of reading about those book hops – you know, everyone agrees to read and review the same book, usually a new one promoted by the author. I’d much rather people find their way to a book, and over one or two years there are amazing posts about the book. It’s not that I’m against everyone reading the same book! That would be silly on a book blog! I just want to read about books that people wanted to read, not ones arranged by an outside force to be read. I know, they agreed…..
    3)books! how much people love them, what they love to read, if a book has affected them, what they learn, what they discover…..
    4)It depends who has a new post. I have several I read (or try to) as often as possible, and then many that I pop into when I can.
    5)Dark! No question! There is only dark chocolate!
    I know it’s a bit late, so I hope you had a good Easter too.

  8. Nice meme!

    1. Hillary Mantel Wolf Hall – just plain great.

    2. For generalist blogs, pretentious, judgmental navel-gazing stuff generally from very young people who have not seen much in life (there, I’m being pretentious and judgmental too). On book blogs, fawning “reviews” of the latest promoted book that you’ve seen everywhere, and giving out grades for books.

    3. Any book that I’d never thought I would read but that the reviewer makes so alive that I suddenly need to discover it. For generalist blogs: witty life anecdots and bullet points practical stuff.

    4. I tend to visit first those who don’t post so often like Courtney’s Everything in between, or you, or Bloglily or Fog City Writer. Then there are others I like but don’t feel so close to like Slow Love Life, but her posts put me in a good mood.

    5. Milk with whole almonds or nuts. Even though people find it too sweet, it’s totally regressive.

  9. I’m a bit late to the party, but here goes!

    1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I actually listened to it in the car rather than read it, and those characters really got in my head. Brilliant.

    2. Sounds like a cop-out but I don’t read blogs unless I’m interested in the subject or style. I don’t like posts that are too long with no paragraph breaks. Now my response is too long …

    3. Anything to do with writing – even better if it’s funny.

    4. Query Shark

    5. Milk – Cadbury’s

    Hope you had a good Easter!

  10. 1. Four Corners of the Sky, by Michael Malone – an author I discovered last year and with whom I am having a bit of a love affair –
    2. I like reading foodie blogs, but I am a bit tired of Pittsburgh based foodie blogs that keep talking about the same five restaurants –
    3. books! and writing!
    4. I read my blogroll in alphabetical order, when I have the time –
    5. I love both but ultimately prefer milk chocolate if I am really feeling decadent –

  11. Hey Charlotte,

    I haven’t commented here yet, but I love your blog and I’ve been catching up on back archives for awhile. Thank you for being such an inspiring blogger.

    1) Best book this year would have to be Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’. This woman is hilarious and an excellent humour writer. I’m learning a lot about writing humour just by reading.

    2) I suppose I get tired of reading about the everyday stuff sometimes, unless the everyday becomes somehow fantastic. I don’t know if that’s up to the skill of the writer, but I figure if there’s nothing new or fresh to say, then don’t write a blog post.

    3) I never get tired of reading about weird encounters or things that can’t be called coincidence. There’s something wonderful and intriguing about how people connect.

    4) I have a list that I go through alphabetically. If I know I’ve already checked for posts this week, I’ll switch it up and check somebody else’s first.

    5) Anything with lemon in it, as I sadly cannot have chocolate.

    I hope the move went well for you.



  12. Hello 🙂

    1. Atlas Shrugged. I love Ayn Rand’s writing style. The book had so many layers and the characters were passionate. I loved it.
    2. I get tired of everything being sunshine and rainbows. I like to read the real stuff that is under the happy shiny surface.
    3. I never get tired of reading about love stories. Or babies 🙂
    4. I always check a blog called Me and Mr. C
    5. Any and all chocolate. I haven’t had any for a month. It’s been hard. I currently want some.

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