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Moving Swiftly On


… from that unpleasant image, I would just like to inform you that while having had a melancholic week trying to fathom the novel revisions required by my agent’s agents and feeling the need to meditate on the word poignant, while listening – inadvertently – to Rodrigues (which reminded me of being an undergraduate, listening to Rodrigues, and being poignant and melancholic pretty much for three whole years without let-up) at the Literature Cafe in Heidelberg yesterday, and having been depressed on the phone to at least three friends (I love you, you are good to me, thank you), the sun has come out in my life today – literally and figuratively – and I am feeling upbeat, inspired and happy.

I no longer feel the need to write long, Dickensian sentences.

I’m working on short ones.

Ones that are peppy.

Sunny, upbeat and full of potential.

Going for a walk now to look for signs of spring:


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14 thoughts on “Moving Swiftly On

  1. Hurray for sunshine in the soul and outside in the world.

  2. I’m sure you will do your revisions beautifully, but they are a complete pain in the neck and a good way to make one hate one’s own work. Lots of breaks for creative thought and daydreaming help, I find. And sunshine is very good too.

  3. Glad the sun came out in our heart. Walking is a good thing. Do keep us updated.

  4. Daffodils and new leaves unfurling. Easter bunnies running around a month early. Little wooly clouds. Hard to imagine after yesterday’s baking heat here. March determined on a few last blasts to keep us on our toes.

  5. Hurray for sun and hope! Revisions always look different after a few days of gnashing teeth. 😉

  6. I’m revising opening chapters. Three steps forward, two steps back. Except it feels more like two steps back then another three at the moment.

  7. I like the word “peppy”.

  8. “Courage,” in the French way, Charlotte. I hope the week following the post above was a better one. We just had snow here. ;-(

  9. Be strong. You can do it. And you’ve come so far!

    P.S. And don’t ever disparage your long, Dickensian sentences. Even if they aren’t in vogue now, and we all must abandon them to satisfy publishers, there’s nothing wrong with them.

  10. Hope you found spring.. meanwhile, I love your writing.

  11. I like your Blog and your posts are very informative. Very inspiring. I’ve recently set up a Blog about cooking and was looking around for inspiration and came across this page and I have to say I’m impressed with your dedication and hope that mine can reach this level someday. Congratulations
    If you would like to check out my Blog and give me some pointers I would be very appreciative.

  12. I feel your pain – am currently waiting for agent’s agents feedback on novel 2 and trying not to panic! Good luck with revisions.

  13. That’s the thing which gets me about agent’s agents (or sub-agents?). Two lots of waiting time for feedback. And two lots of revision requests.

    Glad you’ve rediscovered the Spring in your step, and hopefully your revisions are progressing apace. In short, peppy sentences.

  14. I swear, that is why I call it Revision Hell (the evil RH).

    But I’m glad you’ve found your way out of the ennui and into short, peppy sentences. 🙂


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