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Happiness and Revisions


I’m still unpacking boxes but am gloriously happy in my new home. Living without a kitchen is interesting, but since I was the one who sold the concept to my family as a big adventure, I’m not allowed to complain. Let’s just say that once the cooking on camping plates and the washing up in the bath comes to an end, I’ll be even happier than I am now. Fit to burst happy. Disgustingly, floating on air happy.

I had more happy news about Balthasar’s Gift. My agent M works with a fabulous London literary agency who sell her books in the British market, and she sells theirs in the German market. A couple of agents read BG over Christmas and reportedly ‘loved it.’ They have asked for some revisions and after a call with them next week, I will be getting to it.

This is the third set of agent revisions I will have done since August last year. The road to publication is not easy! And ’tis filled with revisions!

However, I can see BG getting stronger and stronger and that makes me – you guessed it – happy.

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13 thoughts on “Happiness and Revisions

  1. Congrats! I’m so pleased that you’re seeing such an enthusiastic response to your book!

  2. Good luck with all your revisions! If you have something you’re pleased with in the end, then you know it will be worth it.

  3. Good luck with it! And with getting your new home sorted.

  4. I found it incredible how happy I was after moving- glad your move makes you feel the same. And great that BG is moving along so well.

  5. So glad that all is good on the home front, both domestically and creatively. Yay! I found cooking without a kitchen quite a…. challenge, the last time I had to do it, so hustle the builders along there. You’ll have more time to write.

  6. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. And about your house too.

  7. Wait, why are you cooking without a kitchen? I seem to have missed something. . . going back

    I cooked without a kitchen for an entire summer once, when my husband and I were living in a tent whilst building our cabin. It was an adventure indeed, especially since I did not have the luxury of electricity. It takes a very long time to boil water on a camp stove. I remember that. And we became heartily sick of fried stuff, dreamed of ovens and bread and cake and roasts. . .

  8. Ah, the typical German rental-without-a-kitchen situation…know it well. My kitchen space is tiny, and I live alone, so we built me something resembling a kitchen – free-standing oven, bench and shelves made with slabs of wood and ikea desk legs and brackets. Looks surprisingly good, but I’d really prefer an Einbaukueche next time I move. Although the home-made version at least has bench space that is appropriate for my lack of inches.

    (My colleagues find my dissatisfaction strange, but then, one of them hauled a kitchen from Koblenz to the Emsland, so that’s not a particularly objective opinion!)

    And good luck with the book.

  9. just reading this post made me happy on your behalf. SO excited you love your new home and I cannot wait to have a copy of BG in my hands!!

  10. That’s fabulous news! Huzzah! And have fun with the revisions.

  11. Fabulous! Congratulations on both counts!

  12. Oh my gosh, Charlotte, what great news (now back in the blogosphere, so catching up on you…)!! Good luck!

  13. Forgive the lateness of my comment. I’m an intermittent type!

    That’s wonderful news about Balthasar’s Gift. More work, yes, but progress and interest from across the Channel.

    My situation is somewhat similar in that I have a local agent but would like to sell to the US, so have a US agent affiliated with mine reading the MS for the second time. Not sure whether further revisions will be requested or whether she’ll be interested in representing the book over there….

    Best of luck with your next batch of revisions!

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