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2010 in First Lines


My longterm blog pals Dorothy and Pete both use this as a means to reflect briefly over their year in blogging, and I’m shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve cut and pasted the first lines of each month’s first blog post for 2010. Charlotte’s Web in 12 lines. Let’s see what we have:

December: Today is World AIDS Day.

November: There are logline competitions and blogfests happening all over our strange little corner of the blogosphere today.

October: I’ve just attached five Post-its to the top of my computer screen.

September: I’ve had quite a summer; working in a real office, trying to make plans for my kids when GTH was away travelling, enjoying three separate sets of visits from grandparents, then starting two of my children at a new school all the way across town and trying to chisel my novel revisions in the spare cracks of time that I had.

August: Two posts ago, I noted my summer wish list.

July: I’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool, a great arena to observe the natives at play.

June: So I’m back from my journey.

May: I love it when a Times Online columnist espouses one of my views loudly and publically on a long weekend so as to get the attention of all the reading masses on my behalf.

April: I disappeared there, under the weight of chocolate and some great new books.

March: This post is not about diamonds, though I am not above them.

February: Ten years ago yesterday, I became a parent for the first time.

January: I’ve gone off resolutions.

It’s all there, really, the usual stuff: reading, writing, parenting, laughing at the Germans. I was forced to stop quoting India Knight when she went behind the Times’ paywall and I still really miss her and continue to believe that we were separated at birth. While cutting and pasting, I wasn’t powerfully moved to reread any of the posts, except the January one and I found that these were my goals (not resolutions!) for the year:

  • Tidy up the novel, submit it to my beta readers, then submit to literary agents. Work on the cycle of short stories that I’ve got buzzing under the radar and flesh out my other novel ideas.
  • Step up the exercise routine, and let the Christmas eating go. Eat fresh, healthy, life-giving food.
  • Keep travelling.
  • Keep reading.
  • Keep loving my family.
  • Step up my freelance writing business: build a website, do some marketing, hire a nanny if necessary.
  • Keep fighting the migraines.
  • Rediscover the joy in blogging, and tidy up my very out-of-date blogroll.
  • Keep trying to leave the Burg. It will happen, one day.

I now have a literary agent who is on my case, hunting down a publisher for Balthasar’s Gift. I travelled, read, loved my family, discovered the times of the month where I Absolutely Have To avoid alcohol, built a website, freelanced more, tidied my blogroll and changed the blog’s look, and found a way to leave the Burg. A whole lot of achievements that I feel proud of. One of my goals I didn’t really achieve, not consistently anyway. With all the work on my novel, the extra freelancing, kids starting at a new school, house-hunting and the worst  blow of all, my beloved yoga teacher upping sticks and moving to Berlin in June, my exercise routine is in tatters. Healthy eating I manage most of the time, but my sugar obsession still beats me. There’s big room for improvement there.

Now I’m off to ruminate on my goals for 2011.

While eating a piece of homemade chocolate and pistachio fudge.

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8 thoughts on “2010 in First Lines

  1. I don’t dare look back at my good intentions for this year because I am sure I didn’t keep one of them! But you’ve done splendidly, Charlotte and it looks like 2011 will be full of wonderful things for you!

  2. You did really well with the goal-setting and realising! And I agree with all those goals (in different variations on this side obviously) so I will have to borrow them. All the best for 2011!

  3. It sounds like a fabulous year in all kinds of ways!

  4. I think you’re allowed to let one goal slide. Good job!

  5. You have accomplished so much, and with such grace and good humor! Well done!

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