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From the Burg to the Berg


Change is upon me, in all kinds of ways. My novel is sitting with three publishers on three different continents, and I am trying not to refresh my inbox forty times a minute. Patience, I have been told, is of the essence. Luckily, I have all kinds of things to keep me busy. Christmas is one, an imminent hospital visit for one of the kids is another (six days for tonsils, thanks to extreme Teutonic cautiousness), and the third is our move to Heidelberg in late January.

We have loved living in the Burg, but now that two out of three kids are at school in town, with the third to join his sisters in September, the move made sense.

So from 2011, I will be reporting to you from here:

(Pic courtesy Michael Urspringer)

With all that’s going on, I make no promises about frequent blogging in January, but I hope you have a fabulous, food-filled festive season and I wish you all the best for success and happiness in 2011. 

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6 thoughts on “From the Burg to the Berg

  1. Merry Christmas, Charlotte, and I wish you the best of luck with your novel, the move and tonsils! I look forward to following you further from Heidelberg in the new year.

    Best wishes,

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and an easy move!

  3. Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your new, exciting location!

  4. Happy Christmas, Charlotte, and looking forward to hearing all about your imminent publication (it will happen!), the new location, and the safe removal of tonsils…. 🙂

  5. Dear Charl,

    Thrilled about three publishers around the world. You and your agent do things in style. I don’t need to hold my breath. You’ll publish, for sure.

    We are offshore Malaysia in sight of a cellphone tower and this is coming to you through a modum.

    However we don’t have Thai prepaid cards. I’m anxious we’ll miss the announcement if it comes through Jan/Feb and we’re off Thailand’s coast.

    Nevertheless, will perform cartwheels for you when we do hear. Good on you.

    Endaxi will be at proof stage Jan, but only preview copies for the media. Although I haven’t seen it, an electronic version exists which their fourteen year old son read on his i-phone two weeks ago. Stayed up the whole night reading. Only went to sleep at five a.m. (Comments embarrassingly good. Will tell you privately.)

    Book being pitched at the Young Adult market. (Confirms that I have never grown up.) Publication next June.

    But your progress is what’s important now. Waiting is dreadful. The only solution is to go write.

    Bestest of everything to the Otter Tribe.

    Pierre (and Faith who is reading in the forecabin.)

  6. That novel sounds extremely promising! And happy holidays to you and the rest of the Otters.

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