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I’m on Twitter! I’m not finding it hugely exciting yet, but thanks to Nicola Morgan’s two fabulous posts about Twitter, I’ve found some cool people to follow. Now I want to follow you, so if you haven’t sent me your Twitter handle yet, please do.

In other news, I’m reading Kate Atkinson’s Started Early, Took my Dog, which is brilliant. However, I am starting to want happiness for Jackson Brodie. If it’s just him and the dog by the end of the book, I may lose patience.

Now I’m off to find clean trousers for three small people who are at pony camp this week and who come home happy but filthy every evening. It’s challenging my never particularly competent laundry management skills.

See you in 140 characters.


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11 thoughts on “@charlwrites

  1. I’m following you too, now! Good luck with the trousers – my son never seems to have more than one pair that fits these days (of unpredictable mega-growth) so my heart goes out to you…

  2. HavureadSexandStravinskybyBarbTrapidoyet?

  3. Just added you on Twitter! (I’m @novaren).

    Being on Twitter is a great way to keep up with what’s going on publishing and make personal connections with other writers. It can also be very inspiring (and distracting).

    For example, check out some of the Twitter lists on the @GalleyCat Twitter page and follow from there:

  4. Oh, you’ll get there! I still haven’t entirely worked out what my dadwhowrites twitter thing is actually for but I certainly (on the publishing side) get a lot of information, news and links to interesting blog pieces. Plus its a great forum for whinging.

  5. Woohoo! Shall follow you now. I’m @GappyTales (believe it or not.)

  6. @belgianwaffle – almost never updated. You have made my day with news of a new Kate Atkinson novel. Oh hurrah.

  7. Charlotte of the Burg, did you find that Mark Welker video on Twitter?? If so, I take it all back, because that would be super, super nifty.

    Hope the trouser situation is somewhat in hand. Or leg.

  8. Di, that was your other Charlotte! I enjoyed it, though, and subscribed immediately.

  9. Hi Charlotte, I am on Twitter as @allfivehorizons x

  10. Hope your kids enjoyed pony camp. My girls would love a whole week of riding! They just had a pony show – rain, rosettes and British phlegm in the face of adverse weather conditions!

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