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Camping Les Ormes


My husband is a cyclist and likes holidays that involve immense amounts of pain. I am a sybarite and like holidays that involve beautiful things to eat, drink, read and look at. This is why our holiday at Camping Les Ormes in the Dordogne valley was perfect for us both. From the minute we arrived, I knew I was going to be happy:

Our tent was perched on the lip of a hill, with a view of the pool:

Inside, wine and roses waited for us:

As did crystal tea light holders:

Bright white linen:

A piano:

A chandelier:

And thoughtfully chosen books:

Everywhere I looked, there were strong design values:

And places of beauty for the eye to rest:

Best of all, no-one seemed to mind that after about 20 seconds our perfect pitch looked like this:

The campsite has 100 pitches on 25 acres of landscaped terrain. It has a pool, a bar and a restaurant and enough space for posses of kids to run around happily while their parents sip rose and contemplate reading a book. Staffed by two industrious Dutch couples, who have imbued it with their flair for design and people’s happiness, Les Ormes attracts campers from all over Europe. We met German, Spanish, British and Dutch families, all of whom were equally friendly and happy for their kids to run around with ours. One of my favourite things about Les Ormes was its non-sexist staffing – the teams of students working there ran the bar, worked the restaurant and cleaned the tents regardless of their gender. My other favourite thing was the price – it cost slightly more than other campsites we have visited, but at just under 500 Euros for one of the very chic safari tents for a family of four, I think it’s very good value. A Les Ormes holiday comes highly recommended!

(PS As a novice mystery writer, I have placed a red herring somewhere in this post. Can you find it?)

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18 thoughts on “Camping Les Ormes

  1. Is it possibly one of these?
    Although your husband likes to bike, there is no mention in your list, or glimpse in your pictures, of bike trails. And were you foreshadowing pain?
    Although there are 25 acres, there is no mention of how you keep track of where your kids are, how the kids know where the boundaries are, or any cautions about how the kids should stick together for safety, or not go swimming alone.
    You call the area a pitch and say that nobody cares how it looks. Doesn’t anybody care about what happens to guests?
    The name of the camp sounds French but the place is run by two Dutch couples. Have they done away with the real owners?
    You have a mini-library–and a chandelier–and tea lights in place of a candlestick. Is Colonel Mustard anywhere on the premises?
    You have, apparently, a perfectly good tent provided by the campsite. What is the nefarious purpose of that small tent you have set up beside your deck?

  2. Crystal and camping–there’s a combination!

  3. Could it be the association of camping with happiness?

    (Sorry – “I lied when I said I was the outdoor type” as the Lemonheads sang)

    Oddly, I’m a sybarite on holiday and supermum keeps talking about bikes. And camping. We seem to have huge amounts of camping lined up. Don’t tell her but I’m dreading it.

  4. Sounds (and looks) like excellent value, Charlotte… and I’m with you on the purpose of holidays – just as Llew would be firmly on side with Germany’s finest hubby.

    I am *hopeless* at red herrings, but you don’t mention meeting a single French person, which seems kind of odd given you’re in the Dordogne (can you believe that this is the PRECISE region of France of the reunion I was forced to miss 17-24th???).

  5. Anne, keep working with Colonel Mustard and the library. You’re warm.

    Lilian, those crystals worked for me, as did the fresh roses …

    DWW, glamping may be the way forward for you then.

    Di, sorry that you missed your reunion, but I’m sure you’ll visit the Dordogne some day. And I have the perfect place for you to stay.

  6. As every Canadian knows, if it doesn’t involve sleeping bags, bug spray, scratching a few bites, having campfire cinders land in your coffee, missing tent pegs, and getting a bit wet, it’s not real camping. But your deluxe digs look wonderful. And the cycling – do they drive you around for that? 🙂

  7. Wow, even I could camp if you deposited me somewhere like that! Looks fabulous, and as for red herrings, I’m going to stubbornly believe it’s all true….. 🙂

  8. No good at red herrings either, I’m too trusting and like to wait to have the detective explain it all to me at the end.
    Looks like the perfect family holiday, the kids must have had a ball. Love the books provided -that is the final touch of home to me.

  9. Wow that looks so wonderful! I had imagined it would be a bit more retro, but that is really rather modern-with-shabby-chic – or something like that anyway.. I like the books and candles but cannot see a red herring at all. What bliss!

  10. Those books have been planted! Why are they only in English?

  11. Emma, you’ve got it! The books were planted by me. Lovely and thorough as the Dutch campsite owners are, their planning doesn’t run to personal book selections for each tent. Well done.

  12. Camping of a different sort! Never knew there was such luxury in camping.

  13. Luxury camping in the Dordogne looks and sounds divine. Actually after you last mentioned the Dordogne I had a quick squizz on flickr and it looked wonderful there too. Love the book-selection. Have never read Deon Meyer – would you recommend that one?

  14. loverly vacation. AND we have the same blog theme, so you must be totally amazing.

    That bed is beautiful. Great floors. Hmm. vacation.

  15. Damn it!! I wondered about the books!

  16. That is completely awesome – my kind of camping!!

  17. I want to go there. Now.

  18. Hello there
    I have just popped over from Litopia (where you sent nice welcome message to me) so I thought I would take a look at your bloggie.

    Hope you dont mind. I have blog too!!! Hector dictates, I type it.

    Must say, you camp in style.

    Will pop in again now I know you here.

    Hector’s mum (scorpio1)

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