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Ten Things That Make my Day


1. Other writers. I belong to Litopia, the online writing colony, and I have met with such generosity of spirit there. I’ve just put up a story for critique and received wonderful, useful, constructive criticism.

2. Robby. After six months of looking, we may have found our family dog. The weirdness of adopting a dog in Germany deserves its own post, but I will wait until we actually have Robby in our home before I jinx my luck.

3. Coffee. I’ve just had two coffees, milky, strong and hot, in the market square with a friend while watching the Friday market unfold in front of us.

4. Books. I’m having a reading feast at the moment, with great books  behind me and front of me.

5. Asparagus. It’s still Spargel season in Germany, so the market was groaning with Spargels green and white. We have been having lamb chops and green asparagus on the barbeque rather more often than is decent lately.

6. Germany’s Top Husband. Have I ever mentioned that he’s wonderful? And that I am deeply, deeply lucky?

7. School holidays. I slept in till 9am today, thanks to GTH and the fact that no-one had to be anywhere by a certain time this morning.

8. Friends. I’m blessed with fabulous friends, near and far, without whom life would be grey and sad.

9. Children who make music. We have the sounds of guitar, piano and recorder in our home and I love it.

10. Journeys. I’m going on one tonight and the prospect is delicious. I’ll tell you all about it when I’m back!

(Thanks to Ben Warsop for tagging me for this meme, Happy 101 Sweet Friends. Please play along if you want to.)


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8 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make my Day

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Enjoy your journey and good luck with Robby!

  2. I’m so looking forward to school holidays – only a week and a half until the world cup soccer holidays!
    I really enjoyed reading the Litopia magazine – so much good stuff in there, makes me wish I was a fiction writer too.
    Enjoy your journey and fingers crossed for Robbie joining your family.

  3. It’s a wonderful meme and I enjoyed reading it. We’ve had asparagus season here too. It’s delicious.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly on 3, 4 and 10.

    Not many people talk about journeys these days, the romance of travel is not what it was.

  5. Bon voyage! And fingers crossed that Robby comes home.

  6. Great list. And yay re the lovely feedback at Litopia. Am holidng thumbs re Robby. I adopted my dog from Germans (who were returning to Germany from SA) and they rejected me first-time around but came back to me after their first choice turned out to be a disaster.

  7. aw, this totally made me smile! And we’ve been eating a ton of asparagus, lately, too – I love it grilled and roasted and covered in pesto and goat cheese – under eggs, wrapped up in prosciutto – all hail asparagus!

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