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Damning Statements from Children #2


Daughter: Mummy, have you eaten sugar today? You seem to be really grumpy.

Mummy (ahem): Well, now that you mention it, I had three chocolates.

Daughter: You are being extremely grumpy, you know.

Mummy: Thanks for pointing that out, darling. I’ll try to be better in future.

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9 thoughts on “Damning Statements from Children #2

  1. LOL. Kids–out of the mouths of babes…

  2. I agree – LOL! My son was a very keen policer of forbidden activities at that age. Many’s the time my husband has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar (and tried to deny it , too – the adult, mature approach, not!).

  3. But how does she KNOW??!!

  4. Wait that’s not right – post chocolate grumpiness? Totally backwards, eat some more and do it right.

  5. This made me laugh, and I needed to laugh.

    I need a child. My dog never tells me when I am grumpy.

  6. I think I must have eaten a bowlful of sugar today. Funny thing is, I don’t remember doing so.

  7. Kids are hilarious! Mine often ask me if I am on a sugar high…

  8. Ahhh, that’s what I am missing – daily doses of humility. I need to spend some time with children – and soon.

  9. Hahahah – what your best friend won’t tell you, your pre-teen won’t hesitate to point out! 😉

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