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Damning Statements from Children #1


Daughter: Mummy, why, when there are so many books in the world, is it so hard to write one?

Mummy: *gasping* Well, darling, I don’t have much time to write because I have to look after all of you. Some writers are lucky enough to have 10 hours a day to write. Also, I want my book to be good, so I keep going over it to improve it. And the market is tough nowadays, and I can’t send out something half-written. It has to be as polished and good and well-written as possible.

Daughter: Hmm. Think I’ll play the piano now.

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9 thoughts on “Damning Statements from Children #1

  1. Ouch! Well, it really is a lot harder than it looks. And while there are millions of athletes around the world, there are very few Olympians.

  2. Feel for you. You would think there would be an simple answer to such a simple question.

  3. I’m looking at my bookshelf with new eyes… all that effort stored on my shelf.
    Maybe she should start writing one herself – then she could see how easy it really is!

  4. Was she referring to her own book?

  5. that’s fantastic! She sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. LOL. Here’s another answer: there are already so many books that it takes a long time to write one that is different.

  7. I love how kids see everything as so simple. Hhhmm… maybe it really is?

  8. I know I shouldn’t, but I laughed. Guffawed, even.

  9. Good question, and I’m sure she didn’t mean it in a damning way. I like Lilian’s answer. The more books there are out there, the harder it is to make yours stand out.

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