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Big Bad Bloggers’ Competition – The Poll


I disappeared there, under the weight of chocolate and some great new books. Last night I finished The Loss Adjustor by Aifric Campbell and today I’m having Eleanor Catten’s The Rehearsal along with my Easter eggs. Reviews to follow, as promised in my blog relaunch. There’ll be no more lazy blogging around here.

I’ve selected my top five responses to the Big Bad Bloggers’ Competition and now you get to choose the winner, who will be the recipient of either a box of German Easter goodness, or a book. The respondees had to define their blogs in six words.

Here they are. You pick:

And let no-one say it’s not democratic around here.

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3 thoughts on “Big Bad Bloggers’ Competition – The Poll

  1. Oh God! What was I thinking? I mean it’s kind of true but…
    Ah, I suppose it would be tasteless to vote for myself.

  2. How fun! By the way, the 3R’s one is mine, not the blog called the 3R’s — I’m so shocked at being successful at something creative, that I want to take credit for it! 🙂

  3. Dorothy, sorry about that. Of course you’re ‘Of Books and Bicycles’. I’m nervous of going in and fixing the poll now though in case I damage things.

    DWD: you did it and you made me laugh! So you’re in the poll.

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