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Big Bad Bloggers Competition


Because who wants to be small and good?

Something is afoot here at Charlotte’s Web. The times they are a’ changin’, to quote Bob who let me down with the world’s most boring live concert a couple of years ago. But things aren’t boring here. We are shaking, we are moving, we are thinking about ways to bring the playfulness and the fun back into blogging. And we are going to stop talking about ourselves in the plural right now.

I find there’s nothing better than a competition, and a creative one at that, to getting the blogging juices flowing and bring some life back.

Here are the rules, as invented and dictated by me:

1. Cast your eye over my newly-freshened blogroll and see if your name is there.

2. If it is, you are automatically entered into the competition. If not, and we are friends and have been sharing comments for years, months or even just weeks, then please comment below and request that I add you to the blogroll. New readers are also welcome to join in.

3. Then what you have to do, and this is the creative bit, is define your blog in six words. Think of it as the six-word memoir, but for blogs. For example, I might describe Charlotte’s Web as Perspicacious Spider Spins Words into Tales. Or something. I worked on that for five seconds and it shows.

4. Post your entry in the comments.

5. At the end of the month, I will choose the top ten six-word descriptions. Then I will choose the top three. Then I will choose a winner and two runners-up, all of whom will receive unspecified but seasonal prizes from some of Germany’s top chocolatiers. Or maybe a book. I haven’t decided yet.

6. The winner and the two runners-up will be announced in April, to plaudits from their blogging friends.

Go to it, readers and writers. Define yourself and help me put the fun back into blogging.

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

34 thoughts on “Big Bad Bloggers Competition

  1. Dropped by for tea and talks.

  2. Sounds fun! Can we come up with more than one – or should we go through several drafts and refinements before subjecting you to the best one?!

  3. Hey Charlotte, you can add me to your blogroll if you’d like!

    As for my entry, this will take some thinking – how to describe a blog with 5 topics in 6 words!

  4. My old blog is on there, but my new one isn’t (you can add it, but I have no idea how long it will be around, or in what form). Anyway, because I love a competition, this is for my Gumbomum blog:

    Barely Hanging on by a Thread….

  5. I couldn’t find myself at first – I nearly panicked! But all is well:

    I’m in:

    Bookaholic Lures Unsuspecting Readers Into Net

  6. I’ll play!

    “A harried working mother amuses herself”

  7. Chaotic Magician Spells Dreams of Illusion

  8. I was like Litlove. Almost asked you to add me and then realized I was there. Ooo, you consider me a writer! I will definitely play your game.

    My blog in six words:

    It’s not about telecommuting. At all.

  9. oooh ahhh eeeee ummm ohhhh pressure!!
    Do they count as words?

  10. oooh, i’ve been added! thanks! okay, must think of something clever now..

  11. Infrequent postings: books, photos, good stuff.

  12. Big Bad Blogger I Am!

    “Sporadic Musings of a Procrastinator Extraordinaire!”

  13. How fun — what a great idea! Here’s my entry:

    Reading, writing, riding: the 3 R’s.

  14. I”m an old reader under a new pseudonym (due to a nasty commenter). You can add me if you like. Here’s my six, because I can’t pass up any kind of competition:

    Applied philosophy: a writer’s procrastination tool.

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  16. Ooh! I’m in it! Argh! I’m in it!
    what is my blog about in six words?


    “Eventually, we started having sex again.”

  17. After dismissing all my first attempts at being clever, I got back to basics:

    Baking in South Africa, With Kids

  18. Sweden’s like Ireland, without potato waffles.

  19. “Crap. When did I post last?”

  20. This is *not* my entry, Charlotte (dear God, that was six words…), but I am CHUFFED to have made your list, and shall return when my estrogen level drops, hopefully some time before the 31st…

  21. My blog has evolved so much since I started, I don’t know what it is now. I’ve settled on:

    statistics, mothering, feminism, all from Australia.

    I was searching for you on the internet (too lazy to to power up Google) and found the new site – it looks good!

  22. Oh, how fun. Here goes off the cuff…

    everything in between nothing at all

  23. OK, the real one now:

    “Cutest baby in the world EVAH!”

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  25. I write, some read, most don’t.


  26. long winded musings about life’s adventure

  27. I can’t believe how much time I spent thinking about your challenge!! Here it is (cheating of course):

    Picking up splinters of literary wonder (and trying not to get pricked)

  28. Okay, here we go (a surprisingly tough ask…which may well suggest my own blog needs an overhaul):

    Both hands gripping literature and life.

  29. Shoot. I was on vacation or I would have entered this. Too late.

  30. Damn damn damn – I’m so sorry I missed this! I was flying to SA the next day and reading blogs was not at the top of the “to do” list though 😦

    Let’s see…

    Life is serious, food is fun!

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