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Small Glittery Things


This post is not about diamonds, though I am not above them. It’s about a scattering of small things that are bringing me joy right now. I only have to pick up one of them and consider its sparkle for a short moment to have a flash of happiness run through me. Let me elaborate.

I have just finished reading Maggie O’ Farrell’s The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. It is a perfect book, neither too long nor too short. It’s a delicate balance of flavours that sit gently on the palate, never hitting a strident note. Not too say it’s genteel, because it isn’t, but it’s subtle, disturbing and lovely. A gourmet meal of a book, that leaves you sated but not crammed.

I finished my novel on Sunday.  That would be finished again, for the third time, now with comments from beta readers. I have some further outlying beta readers who I may still need to canvass, but right now it’s being read by a friend of mine who’s a talent scout. I also pinged a partial to a literary agent and please hope along with me that I was not being premature. The sparkle in this case is the feeling that my baby is out there, trying to stand on its own two feet.

Two blog pals and I are working on reinvigorating our blogs. We are all veterans now and are putting our head together to think about ways to rejuvenate and find the joy in blogging again. Watch this space! There are changes afoot.

A wonderful graphic designer is helping me design a professional writing website (different from this blog and my putative author’s website). It’s time to put my business card out there. She has recommended that I have a business blog and I would relish ideas for topics from you clever lot. What would a freelance writer writing in English but living in Germany want to write about? One idea I thought of was how writing a novel has affected my business writing (a lot, I can tell you, especially this revision phase).

I found this website and this one, both full of quirky travel options. There I found Camping Les Ormes and I’ve just booked a week’s holiday for my family in a Kalahari safari tent. It’s in the Dordogne, so we won’t hear any lions roaring at night nor will we have monkeys stealing our food, but it’s a thrill. And so pretty.

The Orange long list is out today. That’s 20 new books by twenty fabulous female writers that I can put on my wish list. I’ve read Wolf Hall and The Help, so make that eighteen, but still!

I bought new black sunglasses and am walking around feeling like I have a new angle on the world. Feeling rather film noir, I must say, but in a good way.

In three weeks I go to Prague with my oldest and dearest friends, K and D.

It’s about to be spring. The Burg burnt the snowman on Sunday and what the Burg says, goes.

Wishing you happy Spring! May your lives be filled with glittery things.

Author: charlotteotter

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10 thoughts on “Small Glittery Things

  1. Sparkling is good. Glad spring is bringing in the bling!
    Reinvigorating blogs sounds good too – mine feels like it needs it after four years, so let me know what ideas you come up with.
    Good luck with the business blog – I haven’t got any clever ideas yet, but will be happy to read it, whatever you end up writring about,

  2. Thanks Kit. If you want to join us, we’ve got a work-group established and we’re sharing ideas. I thought I might interview some other freelance writers – would you like to be a victim?

  3. I always love the books on the orange list. I’m going to make it my goal to read them all. Thanks for posting the list.

  4. Congratulations on finishing this round! I hope all goes well with it. And enjoy Prague. It’s incredibly touristy but wonderful all the same.

  5. Thanks, Lilian. I suspect there is going to be more work to be done, but I’m happy with that. As for Prague, I have no expectations (apart from fun with my girlfriends) so I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

  6. What lovely glittery things! I adored that Maggie O’Farrell novel – you’re right it’s just perfect. And you know I have my fingers crossed for all your book projects – but quite nonchalently as I also have complete faith in you.

  7. Litlove, thank you for your faith. I need it.

  8. That’s all wonderful! Well done you. I need new black sunglasses, come to think of it. I’m also going to follow up with Litopia, but only after I’ve sorted a new job out – bandwidth issue…

  9. Looking forward to hearing about Prague as we are going in May! M has been before but with ex so I am determined to do it better this time 😉

    The Kalahari tent thing looks fab!

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