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I Love You More than Cheese


Ten years ago yesterday, I became a parent for the first time. My tiny baby girl is now a big, beautiful ten-year-old person, who comes up to my nose and will be taller than me before she’s thirteen. I can’t believe how much I love her, and what a journey the last decade has been.

When she was born, I had no clue, only hope. Her first night home was awful – she screamed for 12 hours while I kept trying to feed her and failed because her mouth was so tiny and I had no idea what to do. She now tells me she remembers that night – how? – and that she was trying to tell me what she needed, but that I didn’t understand her baby words.

Now I understand her words, thank God, and she mine.

Recently she sent me this:

Dear Mummy,

I have no important reason to write to you.
I just love you with my heart.
You are kind and sweet.
And I love you more than cheese

I’m looking forward to lifetime of letters and love with you, my darling L.

And lots and lots of cheese.


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18 thoughts on “I Love You More than Cheese

  1. Congrats on your daughters special birthday. I am not too sure if Eldest or Wee One would trade their cheese for anything but I hope this will come with maturity!

  2. that is SSSOOOO prescious!!

    Happy birthday to her

  3. Happy Birthday to L!

  4. That’s so sweet- happy birthday to you both.

  5. Happy birthday to you both. What a wonderful letter. More than cheese is high praise indeed! Keep it where you can read it regularly during her teen years!

  6. I love that. I’m sitting here eating lunch and you’re making me think about my dudelet’s arrival. And how catastophically unprepared we were. And how amazed I am that he seems to have forgiven us.

    More than cheese! One day, I too hope to be loved more than cheese.

  7. Very precious! Amazing that she says that she can remember her first night. Her letter sounds like the cards and pictures that my Middle Daughter is always making for us – she hasn’t risen to a poem yet but I live in hope… especially of the cheese. She’ll be ten this year too. Time flies!

  8. What a wonderful letter. Oh to be loved more than cheese. Now that’s something to aspire to. Congratulations to you both.

  9. Now THAT is a meaningful and moving statement of love. There’s not much I love more than cheese.

  10. More than CHEESE? Wow, Charlotte, that’s a pretty big call. You must be a truly excellent mum – even if your first night on the job was a little shaky! Congratulations to you both; this was a very heartwarming milestone to share.

  11. Aww, how lovely! Happy Birthday to your daughter – how fast the years zip by!

  12. Happy birthday to your darling girl… who sounds so loving and kind!

  13. I love you more than cheese? What a high, high, compliment! What a sweet blog post!

  14. It’s good to know where you fit in the hierarchy and the grand scheme of things. . . higher than cheese. Cheese is awfully good stuff. . . so does her list include Brie? That would be really high praise indeed! You are so blessed, and you need to save all her sweet notes to remind yourself of how sweet and precious she is for the time when she reaches puberty and you suddenly are confronted with the Hormone Human who now thinks you smell like cheese and have about the intelligence of a wheel of cheddar. . .

  15. Happy belated birthdays to you both. Love and letters (and cheese) – who could want more than that?!

  16. Your post is better than cheese, too.

  17. I bet she loves you more than chocolate, too (and when she is older, she will love you more than wine). I am sure she is absolutely precious, but I am even more sure that you are a wonderful mother who is allowing her to be who and what she is.

  18. More than cheese – I’ve been waiting 40 years for somebody to write that in a Valentine’s card to me 🙂 Having met you, I can see what she’s on about!

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