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I is for Insight


Better people than me are doing it and I am not one to ignore a bandwagon.

Behold the bullet point post:

  • I wish I’d had the insight to make this blog anonymous – there are things I feel like saying but because people I know read Charlotte’s Web, I won’t. I shall blurt internally and hope not to damage any organs.
  • I had a job interview this week. The first in 10 years. It was rigorous and interesting and made me realise things about myself. See above.
  • The Times published its 100 Best Books of the Decade today, leaving out notables such What I loved by Siri Hustvedt, We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver and The March by EL Doctorow. I have read 33 of the 100 books and, finding myself ridiculously well-read, shall only read genre fiction from henceforth. Anyone want to lend me their copy of Twilight?
  • I am feeling anxious about my brief trip to South Africa without my family at the end of December. See bullet point 1.
  • I plan to write the last third of draft two before the end of the month. That is also making me anxious.
  • I submitted a test-query to the Queryshark a couple of weeks ago and it’s not up yet. Ditto anxious.
  • While eating chocolate cake is good in and of itself, it neither cures anxiety nor writes chapters for you.
  • Neither does reading agents’ and publishers’ blogs and hanging out at writers’ colonies.
  • It’s time to channel the anxiety and take it where it needs to go: into Chapter 16 and the protagonist’s crisis.

Farewell, dear blog friends. I hope to return in paragraphs, free of anxiety and with Chapter 16 done and dusted.

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19 thoughts on “I is for Insight

  1. ditto anonymity.
    Hope anxiety was at least distracted by chocolate cake.
    I’m currently fighting with Harry over our copy of Eragon (I started reading it first) – if you want some fantasy escapism it’s a good read.
    good luck with Chapter 16.

  2. I hope the chapter goes swimmingly.

  3. I’m onto the third book in the Twilight series. Oh the shame! I’m pretending that I’m reading them as a satire of how awful teenagers and teenage first love are. They are really bad but compulsive and I can’t stop myself as a co-worker keeps insisting on lending them to me.

  4. I know what you mean about people you know reading your blog. I talk a lot but I’m not saying anything. Good luck with the job and chapter 16!

  5. If only chocolate cake could cure anxiety! I find myself reaching for the ‘Bar One’s’ at the check out line when I do my odd grocery shop! I wish you zero ‘anxiousness’ as you go forth and finish Chapter 16, be it with chocolate cake in one hand and chai latte’s in the other – every little bit helps!

  6. 33 of those 100? Well-read indeed, I’m deeply impressed. Me, not so much. But I console myself with the thought that most of my six were near the top, and now I have added about ten new books to my reading list. Thanks for pointing the way to the list!

  7. I used to be anonymous and now it’s sort of trickled away and there’s many a time I wish I had the old disguises back! Interviews are scary but interesting and I’m sure you were marvellous. You can only ever be yourself at them, however hard you try: thusly marvellousness must have ensued. And good luck with the writing. It IS anxiety inducing at times, isn’t it? At least, I always find it so.

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  9. That’s why I had to create a new secret identity… I admire those who can put it all out there, but I need a bit of a veil to write without self-censorship!

  10. Good luck with the chapter – I can’t seem to stop myself procrastinating at the moment and get on to write anything. Must stop reading blogs and finish chapter 12. really.

  11. oh, and thank you for the link to Queryshark – never seen this before. Very useful. And of course another place to while away far too much time.

  12. Good luck with the protagonist’s crisis! And with channelling the anxiety towards addressing it. We’ll see you on the other side.

  13. Ugh, sorry you’re anxious. Hope it passes quickly and Ch. 16 takes over and makes you forget!

  14. QueryShark! What an awesome site – thank you for that. A lot there to digest.

    I doubt I’ve read 5 out of that list. This decade seems to have been focused on poetry, big classics and non-fiction for me for some reason. I just can’t muster up enthusiasm for anything branded ‘booker shortlist’. My loss, I know!

    Good luck with draft 2!

  15. I love point one about internal blurting. As a longtime, non-anonymous blogger, I have had to apologize at least once to a family member in another state who (it turned out) is a regular reader. And then there was the elderly gentleman who called me at home to find out what I would be cooking for dinner and if my chocolate lab, Maggie, was taking a nap at the moment. (I actually stopped blogging for awhile on that one!)

  16. Oh my god, Query Shark is even more terrifying than a Great White! No wonder you’re anxious, Charlotte – I honestly can’t decide what would be worse, having your query go up or having it overlooked. Shudder. You’re a braver soul than me, darlin’!

    I’m sure you aced that interview.

  17. Good luck with the interview… and chapter 16 of course!

  18. Hope to see you soon – with Chapter 16 and chocolate cake under your belt!

  19. I love book lists, have a look at this one:

    It is a Master List compiled with the top choices from 10 other lists… pretty impressive right!

    By the way… if you had read all 100 of the books on the list you mentioned, i probably wouldn’t be so eager to read your blog each day… i like that you aren’t one of the masses. xo

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