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I Vote for Hilary


I started to write a post about why Hilary Mantel absolutely has to win the Booker Prize because her novel Wolf Hall is the best thing I’ve read all year, and she deserves it and I once used to live in the same block as her but never met her only her husband in the parking lot with the Sainbury’s bags, but I have run out of the words. I can only say this:

Wolf Hall is great.

Mantel deserves to win.

Now that I have lured you in with promise of literary explication you will be dazed/angry/amused to find that this post is in fact a meme. All my brain cells are being used to write my novel at the moment, and while I plan to write book reviews and many other things, all I am really up for is a little narcissistic Internet sport. Muchos gracias to Dad Who Writes who supplied me with the material only this morning. Had he not, this post would have had to wither on the vine, and the dust bunnies would continue to blow through the wasteland of this blog (see? I’m doing lit-er-rary).

Here’s the deal:

OK, the rules of this award are that I now have to say 10 honest things about myself, and then tag 7 bloggy friends who I think are honest and true with what they have to say.  Sigh.  The hard part.  OK, first things first.  10 honest things.  This might be difficult, because I think you all know everything already.  I mean, isn’t that what the award is about, being honest and spilling my guts?

Here are the 10 honest things:

1. I am looking for a full-time job.

2. I really don’t want to live in the Burg anymore.

3. For the last two years, all I wanted to do was live in Berlin. Now I am happy with the idea of Heidelberg.

4. I am really tired of random “mummy talk” except with people I really like and whose children I care about. Tell me about your new boots, for God’s sake, or a great book you just read.

5. When my daughter plays songs from High School Musical on her recorder, it makes me cry. With happiness.

6. I am eight days into a two-week no-coffee, no-alcohol liver detox. I think it is making me grumpy. And affecting my brain cells.

7. I get squeaks of panic when I think about all the books I’ve read that I have not entered in my Books 2009 page nor reviewed here.

8. My children are trying to persuade me that we need a pet. The line, “But I already have three pets” is no longer working.

9. I am a covert low-carber. You cannot believe how many green vegetables I have to eat. I even have salad for breakfast.

10. I believe that Hilary Mantel should, must and will win the Booker Prize this year. If she doesn’t, I will eat a potato.

I’m wimping out and not tagging. Please feel free – if you believe yourself to be honest and true, or, if like me, you are in need of some not overly challenging blog material – to tag yourself.

And remember: vote Hilary!

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16 thoughts on “I Vote for Hilary

  1. Your ten honest things have convinced me to read Wolf Hall as soon as I can get it. There are 24 copies in the library system. There are 800 copiesof Dan Brown’s new book. There are 1883 holds. In a year or so those 800 copies will just be sitting on the shelves. (There are also large print copies and a downloadable ecopy). I think something is askew.

  2. I loved Hilary Mantel when I first read her, but haven’t read any more for ages. I’ll look out for Wolf Hall – need some new books to explore.

    Good luck with the pet story – just don’t get three border collies – they will drive you demented!! Cats or guinea pigs (two female) are my recommendation for not too much hassle pets that the kids can look after themselves. They are both low carb eating species too!

    I’m a couple of memes behind already, so will spare myself being honest at this time in the morning unless things get desperate.

  3. You are the second person to give me a rave recommendation of Wolf Hall – so you’ve got me! As soon as it comes out in paperback here, I’ll be on it.

    Do oat cakes count as carbs? Only I’m eating them for breakfast right now as my healthy alternative to toast (but ohhh toast, how I miss you!) and I felt for you with your salad. The moving thing is interesting – do you think you’ll get your wish?

  4. I looked up the book, it looks great, although I’m not a big reader of historical fiction. I don’t like history much and if it’s fiction, I can’t even feel virtuous about reading it. But that Cromwell fellow sounds verrrry interesting. Berlin’s a great city but what about Munich??

  5. I love carbs and go crazy without them. Really. Crazy. Mantel is going to win, Charlotte, so that’s one less thing for your MS-addled mind to worry about. I’m sure she’s going to win. I can feel it in my carb-loving bones.

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  7. I eliminated wine from my daily diet after a friend claimed her jeans were looser since she tried it. Seems like such a no-brainer. But coffee I could never give up…

  8. Oh you make me laugh!! Great meme. So any chance of relocating to Heidelberg??

  9. Oddly enough, we’re seriously considering moving out to the Burg (or the UK equivalent) if I can find the right job…

    Ah, pets! So far, our main pester from dudelet has been for a fishtank to keep a spider as a pet in.

    And caffeine/alcohol – I’ve cut coffee (I was drinking a lot but I applaud your excision of alcohol – that would be a big step too far at the moment!

  10. Good luck with the MS, the pet decision, the detox and with willing Hilary into winning the Booker. Hilary in 2009! So are the Burg and Heidelberg two different places?

  11. I had a bit of a hard time with the one Mantel novel I read, Beyond Black, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read another of hers, and yours is certainly a great recommendation. Some authors I just need time to warm up too, I guess.

  12. Wow, gotta read that Hilary Mantel book!

  13. Haven’t read any Mantel yet.

  14. I’m with you on Wolf Hall to win the Booker, it is a WONDERFUL read. A period of history I already knew quite well so I wasn’t fazed by the large cast of characters. It made me realise how my perception of Sir Thomas More had been completely influenced by ‘A Man for All Seasons’. If it doesn’t win the BP, I’ll join you and eat a potato or even two!

    As to pets..we tried them all, guinea pigs, goldfish, cats and then finally got what we should have done all along, a dog – well two in fact. Never regretted it. They show such unconditional love, and if one of my kids was feeling lonely, gloomy, angry, guilty or sad a cuddle with a loving dog went some way to making them feel better.

  15. After buying my kids a plastic, but highly realistic replica, of a green snake, a bat, lizard, and various stuff animals. My son pleaded once more for a house pet, and when I said, “But you have your snake”, he answered, “I just want something alive!”. We never did get a house pet. I let my kids do some pet keeping while neighbours were on holiday. To be completely honest, I’ve rarely known of a pet who didn’t die, in part, through disinterest or neglect. Kids attention spans do not live as long as the pet’s normal life expectancy. So, unless you want a pet and all that comes with it, your kids might have to wait like mine until they leave home.

  16. Ahhh, so no potato need pass your lips then.
    I see that Wolf Hall has bagged the prize then.
    I am now looking forward to it moving to the top of my reading pile.
    Thanks again for the recommendation.

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